October 2023, Vol. 250, No. 10


Editor's Notebook

Editor’s Notebook: ‘Peace Pipeline’ Project Appears Dead

At least for a while over the last couple of decades, the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline was perceived by some as something that would bring at least a measure of harmony to Pakistan’s relationship with Iran. However, once again, the project has been shelved – this time apparently under U.S. pressure.


Williams’ DJ Basin Move May Signal New Investments

(P&GJ) — Early in 2023, Tulsa-based energy infrastructure giant Williams wasted no time in announcing that it had acquired MountainWest Pipelines Holding Company from Southwest Gas Holdings, in a transaction that included $1.07 billion in cash and $430 million in assumed debt, for an enterprise value of $1.5 billion.

Recordkeeping on Colorado Pipeline Safety Deemed Lacking

(P&GJ) — Officials in Colorado consider the state’s regulations of the pipeline industry to be among the strongest in the nation: that Colorado’s regulations of pipelines promote safety within the industry, enhance the environment, and protect the lives and properties of Coloradans.

Bakken Case Study: Expanding Operations Depends on Thick-Walled HDPE Pipe

(P&GJ) – As Continental Resources expands its operation in Dunn County, North Dakota, an important component is the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe that was selected not only for its integrity but also because it can be installed without scaring the environment.

Untangling Environmental Rules Can Lead to Permitting Success

(P&GJ) — Oil and gas pipelines are considered critical infrastructure, and the process of routing, permitting, designing and building them often elicits significant public pushback associated with perceived environmental concerns.

Significance of API 1164 in Safeguarding Pipelines

(P&GJ) — Digital connectivity comes at a steep cost: security. Hardly a news cycle goes by without word of a cyberattack compromising sensitive data. Yet, the proverbial genie is already out of the bottle.

2023 Large Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs Census

(P&GJ) — When a project calls for horizontal directional drilling (HDD), it’s important to use a qualified contractor and the right equipment for the specific needs, especially when it involves a large rig. This annual census, compiled by Pipeline & Gas Journal and Underground Infrastructure, serves as a valuable resource in the selection process and, ultimately, project success.

Embracing Sustainability Across Pipelines Requires Digital Transformation

(P&GJ) — The environment in which pipelines must operate is changing rapidly and dramatically, as constant shifts in the global marketplace have underscored a need for increasing flexibility.

Maintaining a Focus on Physical Security in a Cyber-focused World

(P&GJ) — In today’s technology-driven world, where cyber-threats dominate headlines and organizations invest significant resources in safeguarding their OT and IT infrastructure from digital threat vectors, the importance of facility physical security can sometimes be overlooked. However, it remains an essential component of enterprise risk mitigation.

Analysis: US Northeast Looks at Winter Threat Once Again

(P&GJ) – Driven in large part by the New England states’ policies seeking to reduce carbon emissions, the shift toward renewable resources to power the electric grid has been underway for years in the region.

Composite Repairs Effective for Various Pipeline Defects

(P&GJ) — Composite repairs are an effective method for repairing various defects in pipes and continue to gain widespread acceptance in critical industries, like midstream oil and gas, because of the multitude of benefits they offer.

Plugging the Leak: Tackling Methane Emissions

(P&GJ) — The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated by a number of governing bodies, including the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, to ensure pipelines run efficiently and safely. However, no matter how controlled operations are, toxic vapors from fugitive emissions continue to be a problem.

HVO: Fuel for the Future

The advancement of the energy transition is leading to a growing imperative to reduce carbon emissions in challenging-to-transform sectors. Various industries are adopting alternative fuels and embracing increased electrification to promote sustainable practices within the construction and extraction sectors. In this regard, hydrated vegetable oil (HVO) represents a pioneering alternative fuel source.

Massive Gas Power System Brings a New Cryogenic Gas Plant Online

When these extremely large-scale cryogenics plant asked for our help processing huge gas streams and getting them onto the power grid, we realized this would be our biggest power project yet in North America.

Empowering the Oil and Gas Midstream Industry

Unlocking the Power Behind the Oil & Gas Midstream: Discover how Aggreko's innovative solutions are driving efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in this critical industry. Dive into the world of temporary power, advanced control systems, and rapid response capabilities. Join us on this journey to see how Aggreko is shaping the future of the midstream sector.

Tech Notes

TCP Solutions Being Installed at PRIO’s Frade Field

Strohm was awarded a contract with independent E&P operator PRIO, formerly known as PetroRio, to provide its composite pipe solutions to support operations at its Frade field.

Guest Perspective

Guest Perspective: Next Generation of Cybersecurity

As the next wave of economic growth and development steadily emerges, more and more industries are transforming their operations into cyber-physical ecosystems – replete with emerging technologies such as IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, data-driven automation and analytics.


Projects October 2023

DT Midstream Inc. has announced the early commissioning of its LEAP Phase 1 expansion, increasing capacity from 1 Bcf/d to 1.3 Bcf/d, surpassing its planned Q4 2023 in-service date and staying within budget.

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Global News October 2023

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What's New October 2023

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