October 2023, Vol. 250, No. 10


Empowering the Oil and Gas Midstream Industry

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Aggreko is a key player in providing essential services to the oil and gas midstream industry. They offer a range of temporary power, heating, cooling, and energy solutions that are vital to the smooth and uninterrupted operation of pipelines, processing facilities, and other critical infrastructure in this sector.

Temporary Power Generation: Aggreko's temporary power solutions are crucial for the oil and gas industry. This sector heavily relies on electricity to run pumps, compressors, instrumentation, and control systems. Aggreko's generators and power distribution systems provide a reliable source of electricity, minimizing downtime and preventing costly disruptions.

Temperature Control: Maintaining precise temperatures is vital in the Midstream industry. Aggreko's heating and cooling solutions help regulate temperatures for processes, storage tanks, and equipment, preventing issues such as wax deposition and ensuring optimal conditions for product transportation.

Instrumentation and Control Systems: Aggreko offers advanced instrumentation and control systems to monitor and optimize various processes in the Midstream sector. These systems enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability, allowing operators to respond to changing conditions and ensure smooth operations.

Fuel Gas Supply: Aggreko can supply fuel gas for power generation equipment, especially in remote locations with limited access to natural gas. This ensures the effective operation of equipment like gas turbines and generators, even in areas lacking essential infrastructure.

Environmental Compliance: In a world of increasing environmental regulations, Aggreko is committed to environmental responsibility. Their solutions in the Midstream industry help reduce the carbon footprint by offering cleaner power generation technologies and emissions-reducing equipment.

Rapid Response and Flexibility: The Midstream sector often faces unpredictable challenges, such as equipment failures, maintenance requirements, or unforeseen weather events. Aggreko's rapid response and flexible solutions enable companies to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, ensuring that operations continue smoothly.

Cost Efficiency: Aggreko's temporary solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to permanent infrastructure investments. They allow Midstream companies to scale their operations as needed without the long-term financial commitment of permanent installations.

Global Reach: Aggreko operates in numerous countries, making their services readily available in various regions. This global reach is essential for the oil and gas midstream industry, which often requires support in remote and diverse locations.

Maintenance and Support: Aggreko doesn't just provide equipment; they also offer maintenance and support services. This ensures that the equipment they provide operates reliably and efficiently, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.

In summary, Aggreko's services are essential to the oil and gas midstream industry. Their expertise in temporary power generation, temperature control, instrumentation, and environmental compliance enhances the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of Midstream operations. With a global presence, rapid response capabilities, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, Aggreko is a trusted partner for companies seeking to optimize their Midstream operations. Their temporary energy and utility solutions contribute to the sector's resilience and profitability, ensuring that the transportation and distribution of hydrocarbons proceed smoothly.

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