Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards



The editors of Pipeline & Gas Journal are thrilled to announce the inaugural Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards.

The awards program honors the midstream energy segment’s leading innovations, as well as outstanding personal contributions to the industry.

For more information on the Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards, please email Karen Francis, Events Director - Midstream & Infrastructure.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please email Jenna Rutan, Sponsor Coordinator - Midstream & Infrastructure.

2021 Award Categories

The 2021 Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards cover 10 separate categories. These will include:

  • Best Pipeline Technology Award
  • Best Advance in Maintenance Technology Award
  • Best Digital Transformation Award
  • Safety Innovation of the Year Award
  • Best Pipeline Integrity Award
  • Best Offshore Pipeline Project Award
  • Best Innovation in Pipeline Engineering
  • Pipeline Project of the Year Award
  • Innovative Thinker Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award


Award Methodology

Gulf Energy Information takes the judging of the Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards to be a serious matter. In the interests of transparency the methodology is detailed below:

Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards ‘call for award nominations’ is published as an advertisement for three months. E-mail alerts are also sent out. The nomination deadline is around the middle of May, the exact date depends on how the calendar year falls.

The award nominations that come in are sorted into their award category. A staff member passes the sorted category nominations to the first stage Pipeline & Gas Journal judging team, consisting of Pipeline & Gas Journal editorial members.

The Pipeline & Gas Journal judging team, independently of each other, read each of the submissions and decide if it:

  • Meets the criteria of the category
  • Is a technology, product or initiative which is new in the last twelve months
  • How worthy it is of being a finalist

The Pipeline & Gas Journal judging team grades each submission 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most suitable for the finalist list). The first stage judges pass on the top five nominations for each category, unless the total nominations exceed 15, in which case six go on to the second stage. If there are less than five entries all nominations go on to the second stage of judging.

While the Pipeline & Gas Journal judging team is making the finalist selections, an e-mail goes out to the advisory board (the second stage judges) asking them to select which award category(ies) they are able to judge. A board member cannot judge a category in which their employer is a finalist.

The Advisory board members are industry experts from the field and academia. A staff member sends a packet of the finalist selections to each advisory board member for each award category they have selected to judge.

With attention to confidentiality, the awards submissions are returned rated 1 to 10 and a staff member sorts the information, notes the winners and prepares the information for the Gala dinner and supplement.

In the unlikely event of a tie following the second stage of judging, the tie will be broken by an impartial industry expert on the Pipeline & Gas Journal staff or contributing editorial board.

To protect the impartiality of the advisory board members who judge the final winners, their names will not be published on the Pipeline & Gas Journal website.