Utilizing Double Block Isolation Tools to Safely Isolate Live Pipelines without Affecting Production
21 March 2018

An introduction to Type Approved leak-tight double block and bleed isolation tools, developed to address the limitations of existing “conventional” line-stop technology. Including a case study featuring line-stop isolations at over 2100psi to successfully retrofit pigging facilities (launchers and receivers), in a timely, safe manner, without affecting production.

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Industrial IoT: From Concept to Business Reality
1 July 2017

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically shifting how Oil & Gas businesses operate.

IoT utilizes software, sensors and devices to predict equipment supply chain failures, monitor performance in real time, and optimize processes to prevent future failures.

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Pipeline Integrity: Best Practices to Prevent, Detect, and Mitigate Commodity Releases
17 May 2016

Commodity releases can have catastrophic consequences, so ensuring pipeline integrity is crucial for pipeline operators. Pipeline integrity is not just about preventing incidents, but is a holistic approach to the prevention, detection, and mitigation of commodity releases. This paper discusses advanced technologies and tools that enable greater pipeline integrity, particularly computational pipeline monitoring (CPM) methodologies as a means to identify anomalies that signal a possible commodity pipeline release.

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