Get the Benefits of Open Secure LACT
25 August 2021

Is your flow computer nearing end of life? If so, you are not alone, as many used in today’s LACT applications are. Learn what kind of intelligence, power and security will be needed to meet today’s requirements and leverage industry standards to achieve the next generation of cost-efficiency and profitability.

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Digital Lifecycle Excellence for Pipelines
26 July 2021

Today's pipeline leaders must meet their business and production targets to remain competitive in their industries. Pipeline businesses also require a high level of financing to fund their capital projects and operational expenditures and have to compete with other sectors to attract scarce investor resources. They must do this while enduring record market volatility and selling their products for commodity prices at the lower end of the normal range. Furthermore, there are demands to transform energy so they can improve their environmental sustainability while decarbonizing operations. The future leaders in the pipeline industry will accelerate their ability to optimize and innovate by learning how to apply their physical and digital assets to deliver top performance across all categories. 

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Training and Development Guidelines for NGL, Crude, and Refined Products Measurement Technicians
12 July 2021

NGL, Crude, and Refined Products companies face an impending skills and knowledge crisis as an aging workforce retires. This paper guides companies in the establishment of a well-rounded program for acquiring and developing new hydrocarbon liquid measurement technicians based upon a combination of classroom training and hands-on skills development. This helps prepare technicians to perform their tasks safely, effectively, and efficiently.

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Transform data complexity in the energy industry
15 June 2021

Across the evolution of every capital project that becomes an operational asset, the intelligence from each knowledge worker's contribution is stored somehow. Digitalization of project requirements, simulation-driven intelligent design, and optimized construction and commissioning makes the volume of that data massive and complex. The potential value that exists within that knowledge base is extremely high. In an industry where assets operate for decades, the ROI of each incremental improvement across its lifecycle can be significant.


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Improving H2O Measurement in Catalytic Reformer Hydrogen Recycle Streams
1 June 2021

On-line, real-time moisture measurements in catalytic reformer hydrogen recycle gas streams help refineries assess catalyst condition and improve process control during normal operation, in-situ catalyst regeneration and dry down. An increasing number of refineries worldwide have recognized the advantages of TDLAS analyzers in this challenging application and adopted the technology to upgrade their SRR process monitoring capability. Learn more about the challenges and application in this white paper.

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Digital lifecycle solution to improve productivity in operations
14 May 2021

Intense global competition, explosive market dynamics and the industry’s energy transformation are creating business strains not seen in decades. Industry leaders must build a higher level of digital enterprise competence to become the best in the energy and utilities industry. Learn how to optimize your physical and digital assets to deliver industry-leading performance in the energy and utility sector. Harness information produced during the lifecycle to extract valuable insights and attain management excellence.

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High Integrity Isolation for Pipeline Repair
14 May 2021

Pipeline isolation is a key requirement for safe and efficient maintenance and modification of oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. Are you looking to improve operational safety and reduce time and costs during pipeline maintenance and repair? Download our guide to understand how inline isolation tools and line plugging can be undertaken safely and efficiently on piggable or unpiggable pipelines from ¾ inch to 54 inches.

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Enhanced OGI improves Compressor Safety & Maintenance Coordination
15 April 2021

The Konica Minolta camera system aids in the detection of small leaks and thermal distribution.

Read the report on the benefits of clear images and stable operation as delivered by the Konica Minolta Camera Systems. In collaboration with Oil & Gas operators, Konica Minolta studied the operation of compressor stations during the period from late 2019 to early 2020.

Results demonstrated the benefit and importance of clear images for safe and stable operation:

  • Detect fugitive gas leaks quickly and easily
  • An analysis of thermal distribution of compressor engines
  • In addition, maintenance benefited from better planning and coordination.

With new technology and features, operators have the capability of keeping both their own employees and facilities safe, while minimizing economic loss thanks to efficient maintenance, as well as ensuring environmental compliance and peace of mind of the surrounding community.

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