October 2023, Vol. 250, No. 10

What's New

What's New October 2023


Denios offers the SpillGuard Leak Recognition System, which instantly alerts users when a leak is detected. This FM-approved technology is placed within the sump of a spill containment device, or near the equipment to be monitored, and alerts users with an audible and visual alarm for a minimum of 24 hours when contact is made with a liquid.

Designed for use with all essential and common liquid hazardous substances, the explosion-proof system features intelligent, robust sensor technology in a highly resistant, electrically conductive housing. The battery lasts up to five years and provides an audible signal to alert users of the need to replace it.

It is used with temperatures from 32° F (0° C) to 104° F (40° C), with a red LED light to indicate that the unit is operating safely.



Merichem Company launched its new Standard LO-CAT system, which fits well in the midstream and renewables markets and can be used to treat lower pressure gas streams containing up to 2 long ton per day (LTPD) of hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

The design addresses the need for a lower cost, faster solution for Merichem’s clients and includes pre-configured options for varying gas flowrates and is easily duplicated where more sulfur removal capacity is required. The technology provides a full 3-D model, as well as all engineering and procurement information.

Full procurement of equipment and materials can begin immediately after placement of a purchase order, dramatically shortening the time required to supply this system. 


Sensirion offered its next-generation miniature CO2 sensor series, the SCD4x. The device is built on the photo-acoustic sensing principle and the patented PASens and CMOSens Technology enables the small sensor size to combine with high performance.

The integrated humidity and temperature sensor enable on-chip signal compensation and additional RH and T outputs. Also, the large supply voltage range (2.4 V-5.5 V), and adjustable power consumption make the SCD4x increases savings. The kit contains a four-pin jumper wire cable that enables fast prototyping, through integration into existing platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.



Endress+Hauser offers the Prosonic Flow P 500 measuring system, a device that requires only minimal straight inlet runs and can be installed directly onto the exterior of the pipe, so there is no need to interrupt operations. In contrast to mechanical meters with high maintenance requirements, ultrasonic flowmeters have no moving parts.

It can be mounted on a wide variety of pipeline types, including steel or cast-iron and plastic. A special, maintenance-free contact foil (coupling pad) provides optimum sound transmission between the sensor surface and the pipe.

Depending on the line size, fluid, and pipe material, the sensors are delivered with different ultrasonic frequencies (0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, or 5 MHz) to provide maximum signal quality, and thus a high level of accuracy and repeatability.



Enduro’s Digitel Data Logger DW2 ILI pig features advanced IMU navigation equipment that complements our PigProg software containing GIS tools that connect to a system use ArcGIS. Pipeline operators are becoming familiar with new regulations pertaining to CFR 192 and 195 compliance. Pipelines affected by these new regulations will need accurate mapping along with moderate consequence area (MCA) determination.

Natural gas gathering and transmission pipelines also need to be updated. Enduro also has tools to work with liquid pipeline operators for HCA determination using the unusual sensitive area (USA) licensed datasets.



Vermeer expanded its horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluid management equipment line with the new R600T reclaimer. The new 600-gallons/minute (2,271.3-liters/minute) mud recycling system can pair with maxi-rigs pumping between 300 and 600 gallons/minute (1,136 and 2,271 liters/minute) on pipeline and other large-diameter installation projects.

The R600T features a redesigned linear-motion shaker deck to help reduce weight, increase the available G-force and extend screen life, as well as several other performance and serviceability-enhancing features. The three-tank (scalped, middle and clean) R600T reclaimer has a total fluid capacity of 7,729 gallons (29,257.4 liters) and can process 1,100 gallons/minute (4,163.9 liters/minute) of drilling slurry for a true cleaning capacity suited for HDD projects in the 600-gallons/minute range.


Mission Secure 

Mission Secure released its Sentinel 5.0 platform, enabling Zero Trust security architectures for critical infrastructure. The platform provides context-aware cybersecurity policy monitoring and enforcement for operational technology systems.

Sentinel 5.0, Mission Secure launches a platform that allows operators to define and enforce granular policies based on a wide range of inputs, including network traffic, attempted remote access, asset firmware versions and vulnerabilities, and the actual digital or analog signal generated by physical devices.

While the Sentinel 5.0 platform includes standard capabilities, the platform’s core component is a policy engine that enables OT-specific workflows.


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