April 2020, Vol. 247, No. 4

What's New

What's New


Sensaphone introduced a combination temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that measures and provides real-time values to monitoring devices that accept a 4-20-mA or MODBUS signal. When the sensor registers that a monitored condition falls outside of the programmed range, the system sends an alert with the current value to the operator. The device uses a dual-channel, nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor to monitor CO2, a precision thermistor to monitor temperature, and a thermoset polymer-based capacitance sensor to measure humidity levels. Depending on the system, operators can choose either a 4-20-mA or MODBUS-compatible combination sensor and select to receive alerts via phone call, email or text message. For MODBUS systems, users can run multiple combination sensors in parallel. www.sensaphone.com





Weldcote offers its line of mild- and low-alloy steel electrodes for welding applications that delivers premium weldability while meeting or exceeding American Welding Society (AWS) specifications. The mild steel electrodes are available in a complete range of AWS classifications to meet a variety of welding positions, from out-of-position, horizontal or flat welding. Classifications include E6010, for overhead and vertical welding positions on carbon steels; E6011, an all-position AC/DC electrode for deep weld penetration for root passes, ideal when welding pipes; E6013, an all-position AC/DC electrode typically used for welding cleaner steel; and E7014, an all-position AC/DC iron powder, rutile-type electrode designed to operate at higher speeds for single-pass and multilayer applications.





Transneft Diascan commissioned a new 36-MSK.10-00.000 combined magnetic flaw detector with a speed controller, which allows inline inspection of trunk pipelines and oil and gas pipelines with an outer diameter of 914.4 mm (36-inch API) and 965.2 mm (38-inch API). The inline inspection tool can move in both a fluid flow and a gas flow. The speed control feature included in the design of the tool enables it to use the flaw detector in gas pipelines. It maintains the speed of the inspection tool in the working range (up to 4 m/s). The inspection tool includes a battery section and three magnetic sections: one of them has longitudinal magnetization (MFL), and two others have circumferential magnetization (TFI). The tool can also be operated in either MFL or TFI mode. www.en.transneft.ru/





WFS Technologies offers Seatooth PipeLogger, an integrated pipeline, umbilical, risers and flowlines temperature monitoring and data-transfer solution. It can provide real-time monitoring for offshore and subsea assets. It has been used previously to reduce the risk and operational costs associated with coiled tube fatigue. The device contains temperature sensors for process and seawater measurement, integrated data logger and integrated data analysis functions. It has an integrated battery with a 5-year life based on hourly readings, and integrated magnetic clamps for ease of deployment and retrieval by remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) or diver. www.wfs-tech.com




John Deere

John Deere updated its line of rotary cutter attachments with the new RX72 and RX84, designed for heavy-duty vegetation management applications, including property maintenance and right-of-way clearing. The rotary cutter attachments are compatible on large-frame skid steer and compact track loaders, such as the 330G through the 333G, and they are equipped with high-flow hydraulics and a severe-duty door. The equipment can clear hardwoods up to 10 inches (254 mm) in diameter. Both the RX72 and RX84 include motors with a direct-drive bearing for higher efficiency and extended durability, while an optimized blade carrier design allows for a fast startup and recovery time. Features include three blades made of thick forged AR400 steel measuring 0.625 inches (15.875 mm), which provide an aggressive cut and long wear life. www.johndeere.com





CDI introduced the SoniTrack XLR, an acoustic geophone pipeline pig tracking system that includes a computer-controlled audio amplifier. This allows an operator to easily listen for pigs moving within a pipeline over several miles. In addition to industry-standard headphone and AUX outputs, SoniTrack XLR includes a built-in, digitally tuned FM transmitter for easy wireless broadcast to any number of surrounding vehicles or radios. The device has waterproof connections and enclosures and comes with the receiver, wide temperature geophone probe, headphones, AUX cable and cigarette lighter, 12-VDC power cable, as well as a Pelican brand carrying/shipment case. www.pigging.com





FLIR Systems 

FLIR Systems released its GF77a Gas Find IR camera, the company’s first fixed-mount, uncooled, autonomous leak detection camera, designed specifically to visualize methane and other industrial gases. A new camera in the optical gas imaging (OGI) series, it provides upstream and midstream gas processors, producers, and operators with the ability to monitor continuously methane leaks. FLIR designed the GF77a to combine its gas detection features with an uncooled, fixed-mount camera platform at nearly half the price of FLIR Systems’ fixed-mount, cooled platform. The camera is engineered to detect industrial gases such as methane, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide to improve inspections and reduce the chance of false readings. www.flir.com




Exact Tools

Exact Tools launched their latest portable pipe cutting innovations with their Pro Series 280 and 360 models. Standard features include a powerful 2500w 230v motor being able to cut pipe wall thicknesses of 20 mm in steel and up to 50 mm in plastic. 110-120v versions are also available with a 2200w motor fitted as standard. A laser indicator light for precision cutting, new improved adjustment mechanism for straight-cutting and an overload protection “traffic light” system. The Pro Series meets the demands of all types of pipe materials, including steel, stainless steel cast/ductile iron and plastics. www.exacttools.com






ControlAir introduced the Type 7150 Precision Air Relay, a high-precision, multistage pressure relay offering fine adjustment and maximum stability under variable operating conditions. High-resolution output control combined with high-relief capacity make the relay the choice for pneumatic counter-balance applications like articulating arms and balancers. The Type 7150 combines the technology of the ControlAir Type 200 Precision Air Relay with the high forward and reverse flow of the Type 6100, 1:1 Relay Volume Booster. A sensitive capsule controls the pilot pressure, which offers crisp and accurate adjustment. The relay features high-flow capacity allowing flows up to 265 scfm (7,500 Nl/min). Relief capacity of up to 80 scfm (2,264 NL/min) is combined with dynamic sensitivity.  www.controlair.com



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