June 2017, Vol. 244, No. 6


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People in the News Flow Management Devices Phoenix, AZ-based Flow Management Devices (FMD), a manufacturer of unidirectional captive displacement provers, has hiring Michael Cords as director of Applications Engineering. Cords has over 19 years of engineering experience in the oil and gas industry..

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The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same

I’m staring at the bare walls of my office, bereft of my autographed photos of Mickey Mantle, Muhammad Ali, Simon & Garfunkel, Ronald & Nancy Reagan, Al Capone, and my most treasured piece, a personally signed photo of Jennifer Aniston. We’re getting ready for the Big Move. As you know, Ollie Kling..


A Review of the State-of-the-Art in Composite Repair Technology

Over the past 25 years, the gas and liquid transmission pipeline industry has integrated composite repair systems into their integrity-management programs. In the early stages of this process, the composite repair technologies were rather limited; however, over the past decade there has been a proli..

Best Practices Improving Pipeline Safety

Following best practices helps companies meet pipeline regulations.

Challenge of Operational Cybersecurity, Threats to Pipelines

It was December 2011. Unbeknownst to anyone, seemingly innocuous emails began showing up in the accounts of U.S. oil and gas pipeline controls engineers and technicians. These were not just general spam emails. They targeted specific individuals across the country. Long before cybersecurity, malwar..

Chemical Treatment of Offshore Pipeline Hydrotest Water Unnecessary

UniversalPegasus International (UPI) was contracted as an owner’s engineer by an operator in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico (GOM) to provide detailed engineering design, during installation and pre-commissioning. The operator’s field, located in Mississippi Canyon, required a subsea pipeline from a well c..

Composite Sleeves Address Mechanical Damage to Pipelines

Pipeline operators work hard to ensure their pipelines are protected from external corrosion. However, it can be more challenging for operators to keep their pipelines safe from third-party interference. While pipelines are buried, well-marked, and permission is meant to be obtained before digging n..

Consumers Energy’s Big Job Moves Forward in Michigan

Consumers Energy working on a major pipeline construction project designed to upgrade its infrastructure.

Cutting Pipeline Operational Costs Without Sacrificing Safety

Pipeline operators are increasingly turning to software-based tools to predict pipeline failure and reduce the need for frequent manual field inspection. But how well do these models really predict the development of axial cracks and other pipeline flaws? In order to reduce field inspection costs w..

Measuring Through Valve Gas Losses Using Acoustic Emission

The detection of leaks by acoustic methods was used well before the technology of acoustic emission (AE) was applied elsewhere. However, the equipment available was susceptible to noise from sources other than leaks, such as that from normal plant operation and the surrounding environment. As the A..

Multi-Mechanism Approach to Modeling Corrosion Threats to Pipelines

An innovative, common-sense strategy has been established to show the integrity hazard of pipelines attributed to internal corrosion deterioration mechanisms. The methodology provides guidelines for scheduling mitigation actions to prevent new corrosion, bringing any pre-existing corrosion damage to..

NACE's Impact Study: A Good Place to Begin the Conversation

Over past two decades there have been significant studies in various parts of the world on the cost of corrosion and its effects on the economy. The often-cited 2002 study, Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies in the United States, revealed that the total annual estimated direct cost of corrosi..

Native Americans and Energy Projects – High Stakes in the Ground

For pipeline construction projects to progress smoothly, the industry must find a way to get Native Americans on their side.

New NACE President Expects Hectic Year Battling Corrosion

Samir Degan, president of NACE International for 2017, expects the global association to see yet another hectic year of change and “high-level discussions” focused on fighting corrosion during his tenure. “I think we at NACE are changing for the better,” Degan said during an interview with P&GJ tha..

Reliability Rescue: Converting Compliance into Competitive Advantage

The oil and gas pipeline industry is increasingly encumbered by regulations with respect to the integrity and care of engineered assets. Constraints, directives and regulations from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) division of the Department of Transportation (DOT),..

What to Expect from a Coating Inspector

A critical part in any corrosion-control program is regular inspection of industrial coatings by certified third-party inspectors. This article explains why coating inspections are necessary, what they entail and why it is important for asset owners to take control of quality assurance. With many o..

What to Look for When Updating Pipeline Valves in Urban Areas

SoCalGas is committed to investing in its natural gas system to ensure safe, reliable, and affordable service for its more than 21 million customers across Southern California. SoCalGas’ five-year capital plan is comprised of $6 billion in infrastructure investments, including $1.2 billion this year..

Work Progresses on Vital Natural Gas Pipeline in Mexico

Work progresses on the El Encino-La Laguna pipeline construction project in Mexico.



Republicans in the U.S. House of representatives are prepared to pass pipeline friendly regulations.

In The News

In the News

Gulf Publishing Company Acquires Oildom Publishing, P&GJ After three generations of family ownership, Pipeline & Gas Journal owner Oildom Publishing Company has been acquired by Houston-based Gulf Publishing Company in a deal that creates the world’s largest independent media company devoted exclus..

World News

Myanmar Oil Pipeline Starts Operations A crude pipeline completed three years ago through Myanmar to southwestern China has begun operations, allowing the world’s second-biggest oil user to receive supplies faster from the Middle East and Africa, Bloomberg reported. The link allows China to import..



An overview of pipeline construction projects worldwide, as featured in our June 2017 issue.


Q & A: Meet Michael Smith, GMRC’s 2017 Chairman

Based in Dallas, the Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC) is a subsidiary of the Southern Gas Association, which manages it. GMRC is a community of proactive natural gas companies dedicated to resolving technical issues within the rapidly evolving gas machinery industry. GMRC was founded in 1952 i..


Case Study: Mexssub Repairs Leaking, Bent Pipeline in Gulf of Mexico

A leading oil and gas company engaged the Mexssub team in commercial discussions in May 2012. The company wanted to restore the mechanical integrity of a pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico. A leak in the 30-inch horizontal pipeline occurred and initially the operator installed a temporary mechanical cla..

What's New

What's New

An overview of new technology that can be used on pipeline construction projects, as featured in our June 2017 issue.