February 2010 Vol. 237 No. 2


ENSTOR Announces Non-Binding Open Season for Houston Hub

ENSTOR is conducting a non-binding open season for Phase I of its Houston Hub Project, located 30 miles northeast of Houston, Texas. The season will last from March 1 to March 12, 2010.

“Our analysis shows Houston Hub is ideally situated to gain full utility from the shift in natural gas supply dynamics including growing shale production, planned LNG imports and Houston Ship Channel demand,” said Kay Atchison, ENSTOR’s director of marketing.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued ENSTOR its Certificate in April 2008 to construct and operate a high-deliverability, multi-cycle salt dome natural gas storage facility on the North Dayton Dome in the Texas Gulf Coast providing for an ultimate capacity of 30 Bcf of working gas with pipeline interconnects with Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America (NGPL) (400,000/d) and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation (Transco) (400,000/d), with an in-service date of 2012.

Parties interested in bidding should contact Kay Atchison at kay.atchison@enstorinc.com or (281) 374-3075.

Additional interconnects in the planning phase, and subject to additional FERC approval, are Trunkline Gas Company, Energy Transfer-Houston Pipeline, and Kinder Morgan-Texas. Upon completion, and after prior approval by state regulatory agencies and FERC on ENSTOR’s plans to add to the project scope, including a revision to the in-service date of June 2013 (Phase I) and April 2015 (Phase II), respectively, the facility will have up to five pipeline interconnects, a maximum daily deliverability of up to 1 Bcf, and will operate as a header system enabling customers to capture value between the various pipelines.

Houston Hub is located with the intent to benefit markets that are also served by pipelines currently connected with ENSTOR’s Katy Gas Storage Facility.


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