April 2009 Vol. 236 No. 4

What's New

Lincoln Electric Excalibur Strick Electrodes

Lincoln Electric has added three new electrodes – Excalibur® 7018-A1 MR, Excalibur® 8018-B2 MR and Excalibur® 9018-B3 MR – to its line of low-hydrogen stick electrodes.

These low-alloy consumables are ideal for process piping and pressure vessel welding applications as well as the power generation and petrochemical industries.

The new Excalibur stick electrodes are specifically designed for all-position welding of low-alloy steels and are capable of exceeding AWS minimum-strength requirements after long term post-weld heat treatment. Excalibur 7018-A1 MR is recommended for welding 0.5% molybdenum steels while the Excalibur 8018-B2 MR is ideal for 1.25% chromium, 0.5% molybdenum steels. The Excalibur 9018-B3 MR is engineered specifically for welding 2.25% chromium and 1% molybdenum steels. For more information, call 888-355-3213 or go to www.lincolnelectric.com, bulletins C2.10.3, C2.10.4, and C2.10.5.


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