ABB, Luna Innovations Collaborate on World’s Largest Fiber Optic-Based Gas Pipeline Monitoring System

(P&GJ) – The operator of the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) commissioned the largest gas pipeline and fiber-optic monitoring solution ever installed to ensure transcontinental gas supply from Azerbaijan to the EU.

Luna Innovations and automation contractor ABB collaborated with the system operator to provide leak detection, pipeline security and facility security across the 1,811 km route in a project spanning six years.

Gas supply to Europe has become an especially critical issue in recent months, and Luna’s pipeline security and leak detection solutions are key to ensuring supply for pipeline operators in the region, particularly in Turkey.

“Our fiber optic monitoring system is processing a vast amount of data on a daily basis, providing simple outputs to the pipeline operator with high reliability,” said Scott Graeff, President and CEO of Luna. “A huge amount of effort, expertise, and collaboration went into delivering this project and its successful commission on time and on budget, and we are incredibly proud to be involved in the safe and efficient delivery of this natural resource to people in critical need.”

Luna’s distributed fiber-optic monitoring system provides early warning of incursions on the pipeline right of way, such as intentional or unintentional digging. The system also monitors the acoustic and thermal properties of gas leaks, providing rapid detection with highly accurate localization. It also monitors a subsea section of the pipe, providing indication of leaks and potential threats, such as dragging anchors from passing boats.

As another part of the project, Luna’s distributed fiber-optic monitoring system has provided perimeter security for the pipeline’s block-valve stations, to also provide above-ground facility protection along the entire route.

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