Mobiltex Data Finalist for P&GJ Award for Maintenance Technology

Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards judges recently narrowed down a significant number of nominations and announced finalists for its upcoming event Nov. 17.

The program honors the midstream’s leading innovations and outstanding personal contributions to the pipeline industry.

Among the finalists in the Best Advance in Maintenance Technology is Mobiltex Data’s CorTalk RMU1-LITE remote monitoring unit, which is a low cost, high reliability device intended to remotely monitor AC/DC potentials (both on and instant-off) on a CP protected structure.

The technology monitors and transmits multiple channels of information over a wide-area radio transceiver.

In addition to the structure potential measurements, the RMU1 also measures temperature and internal battery voltage. A user accessible magnetic switch allows the transmission of uniquely identified messages that can be used to record site visit information.  

The unit is designed to be purpose-fit in its analog measurement acquisition capabilities.  It can be software configured for options related to the connected reference cells, such as offsets for copper-copper sulfate reference equivalence.

The RMU1 has integral high-energy surge suppression and provides unprecedented lightning immunity because there are no connections to electrical ground. Once test points are equipped with an RMU1 LITE, annual potential surveys can be performed remotely from an office environment through a simple web-based control and data platform.

Offering essential, fit-for-purpose functionality, the RMU1-LITE is an ideal solution to cost-effectively scale IIoT capabilities and gain the benefits that large deployment remote data collection can bring to pipeline operation and maintenance. 

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