March 2024, Vol. 251, No. 3

What's New

What's New March 2024


Bedford Reinforced Plastics developed a proprietary coating to protect its fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) products from the potentially negative effects of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. The protective coating will be applied to all safety yellow PROForms structural shapes.

The coating will also be used for ReadySeries pre-engineered structures, including ReadyPlatform, ReadyRail, ReadyLadder and ReadyStair. The compound withstands harsh weather exposure, extreme heat and humidity without changes to surface appearance or structural integrity.

The shield strengthens the durability and performance of FRP structures while also increasing overall safety in facilities where the structures are used. The coating does not alter structural integrity, visual appeal or safety performance. 


Dekotec GmbH offers Dexpand-CF70, which repairs damaged sections of steel pipes and restores the structural integrity, returning them to their original level. The carbon composite repair system, the pipeline can be repaired during ongoing operations.

The system can provide a saving of about 75%, and take about half as long, Dekotec said. It is suitable to repair defects in which up to 80% of the original wall thickness has been lost.

The system is suitable for operating temperatures of up to 70 degrees C (158 degrees F).

Red Lion 

Red Lion announced feature enhancements to its N-Tron Series NT5000 Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches.

The company’s y N-Tron Series N-Ring Manager adds reliability to the switches, with fast-ring healing times of ~30ms to prevent disruptions. Robust ring management and diagnostic tools provide notification of a break as well as a detailed fault map.

The new firmware also includes a DHCP Server for automatic IP address assignments. Support for DHCP Server option 61 and Relay agent with option 82 further simplifies the process of assigning IP addresses when field devices are moved or added to the network. The Series NT5000, was the recipient of the 2023 IDEA Awards for Automation and Control. 


Caterpillar Oil & Gas introduced the new Cat G3600 Gen 2 Engine — the latest evolution of the G3600 series offering lower emissions.

With more than 8,500 Cat G3600 units in the field, the Cat G3600 Gen 2 engine is designed to build upon the robust platform’s performance, providing a 10% increase in power and lower emissions, compared to the previous model.

Running at full load, the Cat G3600 Gen 2 provides a 33% reduction in methane on a g/bhp basis and a 6% greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, while achieving a 9.6% higher flow rate, as compared to the previous model. Additionally, the Cat G3600 Gen 2 engine has demonstrated improved durability in the field and is designed for up to 100,000 hours of operation before requiring a rebuild.  


Trimble offers its TSC5 Controller, a new rugged-yet-lightweight field solution. The welder features a 5-inch screen, keypad and all-day battery for reliable field data collection. Its ergonomic design is lightweight, easy to grip and ideal for rugged environments.

The TSC5 is resistant to shock, dust and water. A brightly lit, anti-glare screen and backlit alphanumeric keypad enable fast, efficient operation in tough conditions, even while wearing gloves. The controller’s battery provides all-day power on a single charge, with the optional external battery nearly doubling the power for extended use.

Featuring an Android 10 operating system, the Trimble TSC5 is fully integrated with Trimble’s land and construction surveying instruments and software packages, including Trimble Access 2021 Field Software and Trimble Siteworks Software. 


OleumTech offers its electromagnetic flow meter as part of its H Series hardwired process instrumentation line.

The OleumTech HEFM Magnetic Flow Meter offers polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lining material, a backlit local display interface and various self-diagnostic features for managing critical device health. The HEFM flow meters can be custom ordered using a variety of line sizes, materials and power options to fit the needs of OleumTech end users.

Highlights include independent measurement of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity; two measuring points inside the meter with no moving parts; reference accuracy of ±0.2% of reading; output signal options of RS485 Modbus/4-20 mA/2-8 kHz pulse output; and a backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) with integral push-button interface. 

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