November 2023, Vol. 250, No. 11

What's New

What's New November 2023

Esco Tool             

Esco Tool offers a portable, inner-diameter clamping pipe beveller with a variable-speed electric motor for use on-site. The Prepzilla Millhog Clamping End Prep Tool features an electric motor with increased power and variable speeds from 9 to 31 rpm for continuous use and faster beveling.

Equipped with a three-blade holder that can bevel any angle, face and bore simultaneously, the tool can produce precision end preps on hard stainless steels and highly alloyed pipe. It only requires one mandrel and eight sets of clamps for its entire range.

The tool is designed for pipe ranging from a 1.575-inch (40-mm) inner diameter (ID) to an 8.62-inch (219-mm) outer diameter (OD). It has motor specifications of 230 V, 3.08 hp (2,300 W), 50 to 60 Hz, and it has dual-opposed tapered roller bearings to support the motor.  


Juniper Systems introduced the Geode GNS3 GNSS Receiver, which allows users to collect real-time GNSS data with sub-meter, sub-foot, and decimeter accuracy options without the high cost or complexity of other precision receivers. Available in both single frequency and upgradable multi-frequency antenna configurations, users have the level of accuracy needed to get the job done.

The Geode GNS3S (single frequency) offers superb sub-meter accuracy with a single frequency antenna. The GNS3M (multi-frequency) allows for scalable accuracy.

Its multi-frequency antenna includes support for all constellations on L1, L2, and L5 frequencies. A USB-C port allows for data transfer and fast charging and an antenna port allows for the use of an external antenna if desired.  


Dinkle International added to its 0229 Series portfolio of connectors used to provide pluggable connectivity between wires for inline splicing, and from wires to printed circuit boards (PCBs). The compact units are designed for installation in constrained spaces and are available in mating plug designs with various pin counts of up to 40 poles.

The connectors work with wire sizes from 28 AWG to 14 AWG solid or stranded conductor. In addition, Dinkle’s spring cage is easily operated, using press-to-release tabs, so users can install and remove any solid or stranded wires as needed without tools.

Contact surfaces are wide, ensuring reliable operation at up to 300 V and 12 A (UL). The connectors are compliant with UL 1059 and IEC 61984. 


Fecon introduced the 135VRT, which has an improved loader arm design with enhanced attachment visibility.  It is equipped with a bite-limiting rotor to maintain rotor RPMs, the 135VRT easily mulches material to 8-inches in diameter.

This new model features 4,150 ROC with integrated counterweight or hydraulic winch kit for improved balance with Fecon Bull Hog Mulchers.  A 52-gallon fuel tank allows nearly double the run time between fill-ups.  Full coverage fuel tank guarding safeguards against damage while working, and improved sealing prevent debris ingestion.

Each 135VRT comes with a VM602SS Bull Hog Forestry Mulcher equipped with bite limiting rotor for a finer output, while maintaining rotor RPMs.  


Sensirion offered its next-generation miniature CO2 sensor series, the SCD4x. The device is built on the photo-acoustic sensing principle and the patented PASens and CMOSens Technology enables the small sensor size to combine with high performance.

The integrated humidity and temperature sensor enable on-chip signal compensation and additional RH and T outputs. Also, the large supply voltage range (2.4 V-5.5 V), and adjustable power consumption make the SCD4x increases savings.

The kit contains a four-pin jumper wire cable that enables fast prototyping, through integration into existing platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. 


Dekotec GmbH offers Dexpand-CF70, which repairs damaged sections of steel pipes and restores the structural integrity, returning them to their original level. The carbon composite repair system, the pipeline can be repaired during ongoing operations.

The system can provide a saving of about 75%, and take about half as long, Dekotec said. It is suitable to repair defects in which up to 80% of the original wall thickness has been lost. The system is suitable for operating temperatures of up to 70 degrees C (158 degrees F).

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