July 2020, Vol. 247, No. 7

What's New

What's New


The Esco Wart Millhog Beveller mounts rigidly to the tube inner diameter (I.D.), is self-centering and provides torque-free operation with the ability to bevel, face, bore and remove overlay simultaneously to create perfectly square end preps.  This fully portable and easy-to-use tool cuts to a consistent height without cutting oils and should be the first step to a quality weld. Only requiring 2.625 inches (67 mm) to fit between tubes for single tube maintenance in a boiler tube waterwall, the Esco Wart Millhog Beveller is ideally suited for tube and pipe from a 0.75- to 4.5-inch (19- to 114-mm) outer diameter (O.D.). Featuring a self-centering draw rod assembly and attached clamping and ratchet feed wrenches, this robust tool has a sealed mandrel to keep debris out. www.escotool.com


W&W Energy

W&W Energy Services, a Petrofac company in the Permian Basin, introduced the Knuckle Boom Crane Truck, a 2019 Kenworth K900 tractor with an integrated Palfinger 110002 high-performance hydraulic vehicle capable of hauling, lifting and setting large tanks and oilfield equipment. It can lift up to 12 tons (11 metric tons) at a range of 24 feet (7 meters) and 3 tons (3 metric tons) at a range of 73 feet (22 meters). It can also manage all sizes of spoolable pipe reels, 1,000-barrel tanks and vessels. The truck and crane reduce the time and cost associated with conventional crane movement methods, allowing for streamlined pickup, delivery and drop-off of loads across the region, without the need for expensive and time-consuming third-party crane, crew and truck services. www.wwenergy.com


Transneft Diascan

Transneft Diascan offers a new type of inline inspection tool – an ultrasonic flaw detector with a measuring system using phased array (PA) sensors. It is designed to inspect pipelines with diameters of 40, 42 and 48 inches (1,020, 1,067 and 1,220 mm) and allows for the early stage detection of crack-like flaws, increasing the safe operation of oil pipelines. The tool’s PA measuring system enables the inspection of the pipe walls and welds through dynamically controlled multiangle examination in the longitudinal and transverse directions. In addition to the PA sensors, wall thickness measurement (WM) sensors are integrated in the measuring system to detect metal loss, scratches and delamination. The circumferential resolution of the WM measuring system is 0.075 inch (1.9 mm). www.en.diascan.transneft.ru



StaCool Industries offers the Vest Core Body Cooling System to keep users cool, comfortable and productive while working in the summer heat, without compromising mobility.  Maintaining a consistent core body temperature is safer than exposing workers to possible heat-related illnesses.  Each vest is made from breathable Airprene material for flexibility and includes ThermoPak inserts that cool the body core. The lightweight vest provides up to three hours of cooling per ThermoPak set (four per set), depending on activity type, environmental conditions and body heat. Each Stacool vest includes an additional four ThermoPaks, so users have a spare set to extend cooling time. The vests are ideal for welders, operating room technicians and landscapers. The vest has a front zipper allowing for easy dress or removal and is available in fire-retardant materials. www.stacoolvest.com



Koike Aronson Ransome offers the Cricket-II, a welding manipulator for Subarc, TIG (tungsten inert gas) and MIG (metal inert gas) welding applications. The device is equipped with a lift speed of 20 inches per minute (508 mm per minute), and a variable speed-powered reach option offers adjustable speeds from 3 to 120 inches per minute (76 to 3,048 mm per minute). With a load capacity of 500 pounds (227 kilograms), the Cricket-II can accommodate all welding processes. It also features CAM roller guidance and through-the-boom cable management. With NEMA-12 electrical enclosures, the Cricket-II is designed for safe operation indoors with built-in protection from foreign debris, dust and water infiltration. This welding manipulator also comes with a mast rotation option, which allows the operator to swing the boom out of the work area or to work efficiently between two stations with one manipulator. www.koike.com



Endress+Hauser released Liquiphant FTL51B and FTL41 vibrating fork (vibronic) level instruments. The FTL51B features Industry 4.0 and IIoT capabilities, including access via wireless Bluetooth technology, automatic proof tests and verification, and easy commissioning via a mobile device. In addition, operational clarity is provided by a high-visibility LED. The FTL51B can be used in storage tanks, containers and pipes for point-level detection of all types of liquids. Its vibronic sensor is not affected by changing media properties, flow, turbulence, gas bubbles, foam, vibration or build-up. The instrument works in process temperatures of -58° to 302° F (-50° to 150° C) and pressures up to 1,450 psi (100 bar). It can be used in SIL2 and SIL3 hazardous locations and has built-in automatic maintenance and verification functions. www.us.endress.com

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