November 2017, Vol. 244, No. 11

What's New

What's New

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo Gas Analytics has launched its cross-pipe GPro 500 TDL gas analyzer, consisting of two parts, a laser source and separate receiver with a photodiode to analyze laser light after it passes through the gas sample. An issue with TDL sensors has been the requirement for maintaining accurate alignment between the two parts. On the other hand, TDL designs with laser and sensor elements placed across the stack are appreciated when wider stacks cause differences in concentration across the diameter. Mettler Toledo’s TDLs solve the alignment issue by combining both parts into a single unit. A probe attached to the sensor features a corner cube at its end that redirects the laser beam back to the sensor; therefore, loss of alignment is not possible.

T.D. Williamson

The ProSeries™ range of hot tapping and plugging (HT&P) fittings is offered by T.D. Williamson (TDW). ProSeries fittings expand the capabilities of the company’s STOPPLE® and STOPPLE Plus fittings. Available for 4-inch through 36-inch, the fittings offer a broader range of code-compliant fittings to address multiple applications and operating conditions.  By reducing ProSeries manufacturing time TDW allows operators to optimize project schedules so they can become more efficient and complete projects sooner. Compliance with ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8; CSA Z662 CAT I and CAT II; CFR 192 and 195a is validated. Using ProSeries fittings with LOCK-O-RING® Plus completion technology minimizes leak paths and ensures proper sealing.

Automation Alternatives

Automation Alternatives offers its latest fiber-welding system, which at a size as small as  0.001-0.002 inch and coupled with very fast weld speeds, delivers power densities at the weld while minimizing the heat-affected zone. Typical materials include stainless steel, titanium and aluminum. The RubyLaser FLW system, along with its controller and user-friendly software, can easily weld materials as thin as 0.001. FLW systems are available in 1-by-1, 2-by-2, 4-by-4 and 4-by-8-foot working areas and feature a feather-touch automatic pull-out table to facilitate loading and unloading of the machine. Offered in power levels ranging from 150W to 5kW, the RubyLaser FLW has unparalleled energy efficiency with a laser life upward of 100,000 hours.

GF Piping

GF Piping Systems added an integrated pressure-testing interface to its Topload branch saddle system for large dimensions with an outlet dimension d160 and 225 mm. The system now allows a safe pressure test up to 18 bar in advance of the tapping of the main line. The pressure test for Topload saddles with main pipe dimensions d315 to 2000 mm can be done with a standardized testing plug, not only reducing the testing effort, but also saving time and expensive mechanical joints. The ELGEF Plus branch saddle system Topload convinces is based on the proven principle of the ELGEF Plus modular system. In the case of large PE installations for gas, water and industrial applications, it provides superior modularity and flexibility. The design and the interaction of the high-performance components enable a quick and safe assembly onsite.


Honeywell Smart Energy expanded its Perfection line of natural gas distribution solutions with the launch of Permasert 2.0 for North American utility customers. The coupling integrates a combined inner-diameter (ID) and outer-diameter (OD) seal. Its double-seal design will help prevent nuisance leaks as a result of pipe variations or damage that occur during pipe installation. It can be installed in any weather conditions and perform in challenging installations, such as horizontal drilling, which may leave deformations on the exterior of polyethylene pipe.


Hawk has developed a pipeline leak-detection system using an infield fiber-optic cable, which not only informs users of leaks, but gives the location of potential leakage, allowing for rapid infield assessment and repair. Part of Hawk’s solution involves multiple measured variables within the one cable, such as sound, temperature and vibration. This allows the system to automatically cross reference and remove false signals. A single system can detect temperature changes caused by liquid or gas movement in pipe leaks, sound and vibration from third-party intrusion and stress from pipe bending of loss of support.


Fotech launched LivePIPE II with enhanced real-time pipeline monitoring and security technology. The dual-channel technology delivers a monitoring range up to 100 km from each individual module, with no multiplexing, just continuous monitoring, and no loss of detection accuracy or sensitivity at any point. This simplifies and lowers the cost of deploying a distributed fiber-optic (DFO) sensing solution on a pipeline, making detection of leaks and third-party intrusions over vast distances a lot easier. The next-generation of LivePIPE also introduces Fotech’s enhanced data and acoustic management (EDAM) technology, giving operators enhanced insight to pipeline integrity. EDAM allows operators to listen to activity at a specified location in real-time and can record segments of data, storable up to three months that can be replayed to analyze and enhance LivePIPE’s event detection algorithms.


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