July 2016, Vol. 243, No. 7

What's New

What’s New


The new PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System from Vacuworx weighs just 25 lbs. yet lifts up to 2,200 lbs. and can handle a variety of materials including concrete, marble, granite, metal, steel and iron. Rechargeable 12V battery has an eight-hour run time. It is priced under $3,000. www.vacuworx.com

Automation Products, Inc. – DYNATROL® Division

 The Red Goose v2 Pipeline Products Inline Sampling System can be used on gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other refined products. It was designed so no removal is needed during pipeline maintenance and uses a retractable scoop for pigging or scraping operations. Features include: through valve mounting when installed. If not retracted, a spring-loaded pivot will allow the pig to push the scoop out of the way. The system requires low maintenance, only occasional flushing. It is possible to combine the Red Goose v2 with new pipeline pressure rated Density Cell v2 for double-sealed protection against leaks. www.DynatrolUSA.com

Atlas Copco Specialty Rental

Specialty Rental, a division within Atlas Copco’s Construction Technique business area, offers the PTS 800 compressor that delivers reliable air quality for flows up to 800 cfm. In the world of 100% oil-free air, this means the ability to generate the matching airflow for specific applications in any industry with optimal efficiency, whatever the required flow rate. At the heart of the new PTS 800 is an engine that conforms to the latest emission standards, bringing levels of emission to near zero. This guarantees optimal fuel efficiency and offers full regulation compliance. The PTS 800 is, like its family members (PTS 1600, PNS 1250, PTE 1500), a Class Zero compressor. According to ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0, it produces air without any risk of contaminating the end product with oil. www.atlascopco.com


Designed for use on compact excavators, backhoe loaders and skid-steer loaders ranging in size from 8-15 tons, the Micro CPA 360-drilling attachment by Montabert provides 360-degree drill rotation, allowing the operator to transition between vertical, horizontal and overhead drilling with ease. The 1,587-lb. Micro CPA 360 drills holes measuring 1¾ to 2¾ inches in diameter and up to 30 feet deep. Standard features on the single-pass Micro CPA 360 include a high-performance Montabert drifter and radio remote control capabilities, enabling the drilling attachment to be operated from outside the carrier cab. An optional dust collector, with high suction capacity or a water injection system, is available to reduce the dust escape. www.montabert.com.

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) offers Rotron® MD101 magnetic-drive regenerative blowers to boost natural gas pressure for a wide range of manufacturing operations. AMETEK has three standard types of Rotron regenerative (side channel) blowers: IN blowers for industrial use, CP chemical processing blowers and EN environmental blowers. They can achieve maximum airflows of 29 SCFM, with pressures up to 25 IWG and vacuums up to 23IWG. They operate on 115 VAC voltages. For natural gas and biogas applications, ¼ horsepower HP TEFC and XP (explosion-proof) motors are standard. www.ametekdfs.com

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric released an updated guide for Aluminum Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). The new version features a reader-friendly layout with updated information and photos of products and processes related to aluminum MIG welding. The guide offers a detailed look at filler metal types, filler metal selection considerations for welding, tips for welding on aluminum materials, and a discussion on the causes and cures of defects in aluminum welding. General welding safety guidelines are included. The updated Aluminum GMAW guide is available in a printed version and as a pdf download through the company’s website. www.lincolnelectric.com.
Gradall Industries

Economical Discovery Series hydraulic excavators, designed to deliver “more dig for the dollar,” are now available in two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models. Developed by Gradall Industries in collaboration with Freightliner, Discovery Series D 152 and D 154 models are budget-priced and equipped with the versatile telescoping, full-tilting Gradall boom that can rotate attachments 220 degrees. Power is provided by a single Cummins 6.7 liter engine – emission compliant in all 50 states – with 220 gross hp and 520 ft. lbs. of torque. www.gradallindusries.com

Garlock Pipeline Technologies

Garlock Pipeline Technologies is offering the Diamond Hyde and Diamond Hyde Extreme HCS Washers that are said to not only resist chemical and physical abrasion, but also prevent dielectric corrosion caused by improper installation on the flange. Diamond Hyde™ HCS Washers feature a low rate of water absorption at .01-.02 ASTM D570 and perform at a maximum temperature of 425˚F (218˚C) and a minimum temperature of -50˚F (-45˚C). For the most severe environments, the GPT Diamond Hyde™ Extreme washers can withstand conditions on offshore oil platforms, abrasive sprays or high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in sour gas. www.gptindustries.com.


Radiodetection has launched the RD1100™ and RD1500™ GPR utility locating systems offering a range of products for viewing and analyzing buried utilities. Both units now have internal GPS, onboard Wi-Fi and a high-resolution touch screen. Tthe RD1500 allows users to create depth slices and review their locate path on screen while on site, and selectively enhance shallow/small, medium depth/size, or deep/large targets using the proprietary FrequenSee™. RD1100 is ideal for locate specialists, surveyors and other professionals that need to trace and mark the positions of both metallic and non-metallic buried cables and pipes. www.radiodetection.com


Emerson is offering the Rosemount CT5100 continuous gas analyzer that combines Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) and Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) measurement technologies for process gas analysis and emissions monitoring. The CT5100 can detect down to sub ppm level for a range of components, while simplifying operation and significantly reducing costs. The CT5100 can measure up to 12 critical component gases and potential pollutants simultaneously within a single system – meeting local, state, national and international regulatory requirements. It operates with no consumables, no in-field enclosure, and a simplified sampling system that does not require any gas conditioning to remove moisture. www.EmersonProcess.com

Ametek Drexelbrook

Ametek Drexelbrook offers the Density Compensation Module for Universal IV water cut monitor that automatically compensates for changes in product density. The Universal IV uses an electrical measurement (capacitance) and correlates that to water cut (percentage of oil in water). Those measurements can be affected by changes in density. Density compensation is done to correct for changes in electrical properties that may affect output measurements and is particularly suitable for midstream refinery and oil pipeline operators. www.drexelbrook.com


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