October 2015, Vol. 242, No. 10

What's New

Whats New: October 2015

What’s new from Cameron, Case Construction, Caterpillar, Rotork, Vermeer, Black & Veatch and others.


Cameron is introducing a new series of Coriolis flow meters. The CamCor™ series meters can handle many hydrocarbon production and processing applications effectively, but are especially suited for monitoring separator outlets near wellheads, crude oil custody transfer operations, in plants and pipelines delivering refined products and specialty gases, low-flow applications, and high viscosity fluids, such as crude oil and adhesives. Beyond featuring reliable Coriolis measurement technology that accurately calculates mass and volumetric flow rate, the CamCor meters use special algorithms to detect pipeline vibration and media pulsation to offer an advanced level of diagnostic scrutiny. www.c-a-m.com


Caterpillar® has introduced the new Cat® PL83 and PL87 Pipelayers. Features include an integrated, all-Cat power train with differential steering and an electronically controlled hydraulic system that places total control of lifting functions into one single joystick. Independent, variable-speed winches for the boom and hook provide precise control, and the enhanced counterweight system ensures a low center of gravity for optimum performance. A new Roll-over Protection Structure (ROPS) provides added safety for open and enclosed operator’s stations. The purpose-built Pipelayer cab is pressurized and incorporates new operator-comfort and convenience features. Rated lift capacity (at tipping point) for the PL83 is 170,000 lbs (77 111 kg) and 216,000 lbs (97 972 kg) for the PL87. www.plmcat.com

Interprovincial Corrosion Control Co. Ltd.

The Rustrol® DC-DecouplerTM Model: DCD is a recent development to the Rustrol® Product Line. The DC-DecouplerTM features are based on Rustrol® technology using solid-state design and superior test proven, quality components throughout the construction. The standard DCD Product Line provides an economical engineered solution in a compact, lightweight, ready-to-mount assembly. The Model: DCD is innovatively designed whereby DC isolation is achieved and AC coupling is maintained, ensuring electrical grounding criteria remains effective. The Model: DCD is capable of reducing the potential difference across isolating flange assemblies and/or monolithic isolating joints to well below the industry accepted criteria, (i.e., <10 volts="" ac="" rms).="" www.rustrol.com="" [inline:wn_rotork.jpg]="">Rotork

The new Rotork IQT electric valve actuator brings the advanced functionality and asset management capabilities of Rotork’s third-generation intelligent technology to the direct-drive operation of part-turn valves. Functionality enhancements of the IQT include advanced data-logging and communication capabilities, with data available in the field and the control room. Local position indication, valve and actuator status, asset management, and diagnostic operating information can be viewed directly at the actuator on its LCD display and are available to download. Easy-to-read diagnostic graphics facilitate real-time analysis directly at the actuator and show the valve torque, usage profiles, and service logs. The actuator’s compact design and robust construction, including its double-sealed, watertight enclosure, make it ideally suited for various oil and gas pipeline applications. www.rotork.com

A&E Construction Supply

The Wolfe Man 8000 Wheel Trencher from A&E Construction Supply is widely used for cutting trenches for gas lines, water lines, field drainage, fiber optics etc. Designed to cut an 8-foot-deep, 34-inch-wide trench, the wheel trencher is powered by a 450-hp Cat engine. Other key features include heavy heat-treated buckets, large hoist cylinders, heavy-duty large-diameter lower wheel rollers with heavy-duty bearings, center pivot for turning and independent hydraulically driven Cat track systems. www.PlowAndTrencher.com


The Vermeer FT100 tractor for pipeline right-of-way clearing is equipped with an aboveground mulcher attachment option for challenging land-clearing work. The ringed rotor – 18 inches (45.7 cm) in diameter and equipped with 18 disks and 17 tip mounts – helps guide material into the cutting path for single-pass clearing and also controls the depth of the cut to maximize engine performance. The push bar provides a reach of 7 inches (17.8 cm) below grade with the head at ground level, giving the operator better control when directing material to the rotor. The tractor is equipped with a 111-hp (82 kW) Perkins E3TA Tier 4i engine. www.vermeer.com

Subsite Electronics

Subsite Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced TSR mobile software to download horizontal directional drilling (HDD) bore information from Subsite TK Series HDD Guidance System directly to smartphones and tablets. TSR mobile software enables drillers to generate an as-built report as soon as the pilot bore is completed. Information can be sent to and viewed on Android mobile phones and tablets, as well as Windows-based computers and Mac OSX. www.subsite.com

Black & Veatch/Emerging Fuels Technology Inc.

Black & Veatch announced with its alliance partner, Emerging Fuels Technology, Inc. (EFT), the FLARE BUSTER®, a turnkey solution for converting natural gas flares into synthetic crude oil or transportation fuels. FLARE BUSTER® employs EFT’s proprietary Advanced Fixed Bed Fischer-Tropsch reactor/catalyst system and other cost-reducing innovations. The process converts wellhead gas into room temperature, pumpable synthetic crude oil that can be combined with crude oil or turned into transportation fuel blendstocks. The technology addresses the global problem of natural gas lost to flaring. Black & Veatch and EFT have developed standard designs for 500 and 1,000 bpd portable plants that are truckable into remote locations. Each plant generates its own power and does not require makeup water for operation. www.emergingfuels.com.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has released its 2015 Welding Safety & Health Guide which highlights its personal protective equipment (PPE) and fume management offering. The Guide encompasses four categories: Weld Fume; Head and Face; Hand and Body; and Heat Stress. The weld fume section addresses the most common questions surrounding weld fume. It also features key regulatory information and introduces OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls – a recommended approach to implementing weld fume solutions that result in compliance and minimize risk.www.millerwelds.com.


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