March 2011, Vol. 238 No. 3


Company Says It Is Going Green With New Self-propelled Caliper Tractor

Ewe Dietrich, Managing Director, Analytic Pipe GmbH, Lingen, Germany

At its commercial debut in the Italian city of Udine, the Self Propelled Caliper Tractor (SPC Tractor) developed by Analytic Pipe demonstrated its strengths in inline inspection. Excellent caliper data was produced on a 12.5-km section of a 42-inch pipeline.

The high quality of the results is based on, among other things, the constant operating speed secured through the SPC’s autonomous operation. During test runs the SPC also showed that it is as robust as it is precise.

This self-automated caliper doesn’t require pumps or compressors. Rather, it runs through the pipeline under its own power at a constant speed. It can be used in pipes from 30-inch diameter. The average speed is about 3.6 km/h and the minimal bend radius is 3D.

The advantages of the SPC include the complete independence from external drive systems that saves money, time and energy while doing its part for the environment. Specifically, the savings are as follows: 1) 100% of the rental cost of compressors and/or pumps; 2) 95% of the personnel costs, as a product of a 90% time savings as well as 3) 100% of the fuel and up to 99% of the CO2 emissions.

The SPC satisfies the expectations of a future-oriented sustainable technology. For example, in a conventional inspection, compressors will require up to 10,000 liters of diesel for a 42-inch pipeline that is 30 km long.

The CO2-emissions reduction performance is even more impressive. Given the above example, compressors will release about 30,000 kg of CO2. If the production chain is included, then CO2 emissions are over 35,000 kg. That is why the avoidance of compressor use offers a tremendous opportunity to save. The saying at the company is “Analytic Pipe goes green”

Ewe Dietrich
is founder and managing director of Analytic Pipe. Together with the company’s team of engineers and technicians, he has developed what he describes as technically consummate solutions for pipeline inspection since 1999. He can be reached +49 591 71009-0, e-mail:,


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