June 2011 Vol. 238 No. 6

What's New

Lincoln Electric Lincolnweld

Lincoln Electric has introduced Lincolnweld® LAC-690, a low alloy flux-cored wire designed for submerged arc welding.

It is said to be ideal for applications that require high strength and low H4 diffusible hydrogen weld deposits. Additionally, the wire is capable of producing high impact toughness at low temperatures as required by the offshore industry for applications like rack to chord joints. When combined with Lincolnweld® 888 flux, Lincolnweld LAC-690 is approved to be operated on both DC and AC polarities.

This is said to result in increased productivity and provides users with the widest possible range of approved process capabilities. Characteristics listed by the company: high-yield strengths, low-temperature impact properties, excellent tandem AC and DC polarity operations and self-peeling slag. 888-355-3213, www.lincolnelectric.com.


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