May 2009 Vol. 236 No. 5


Mobile Assets Managed By Satellite

Jeff Wade, Fleet Management Solutions, San Luis Obispo, CA

M&M Pipeline Services has implemented an all-satellite, GPS fleet-tracking system from Fleet Management Solutions to optimize the management of its mobile assets, improve the efficiency of field operations and track truck maintenance scheduling.

M&M provides a critical business component when it comes to pipeline construction. The company follows pipeline construction crews throughout the southeastern U.S., performing environmental site remediation. The company completes the projects by restoring the land under and around new pipeline construction and is responsible for on-going site maintenance as well.

Mike Maddox has been operating M&M for more than 10 years. He says he has found the best approach to winning new business is to operate his fleet in the most efficient manner possible. “M&M helps the pipeline construction company deliver a complete project to the end customer and the visual results are extremely important,” he said.

He continued, “The Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) products provide the visibility we need to ensure we have the entire crew ready to go and start on time, so we meet our linear footage commitments each day and complete projects on schedule.”

M&M’s Brandon Chandler manages the fleet maintenance scheduling. He uses FMS products to monitor engine hours with the goals of preserving vehicle life and reducing breakdowns. M&M uses FMS fleet tracking systems on heavy equipment and fleet trucks, aiming to provide a complete view of their asset utilization and operations.

In a recent pipeline project, M&M was subcontractor to pipeline construction giant Willbros Group, Inc. Willbros is also an FMS client and the firm says it is pleased to see its business partners select the FMS all-satellite products and services. William Windham, vice president-assets for Willbros, has more than 300 vehicles equipped with FMS products and is finding new ways to improve their operations and bottom line every day.

Windham says, “We have found FMS solutions to operate anywhere we are working, regardless of geography or topography, providing us with the critical asset operation and management information we need.” In addition, Willbros says it has dramatically reduced unauthorized use of vehicles which in turns saves fuel costs and reduces the company’s liability.

Jeff Wade, BSEE, MBA, is vice president, marketing, at Fleet Management Solutions. He is a member of SPE and active in the IADC.


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