About Pipeline & Gas Journal (P&GJ)

  • Pipeline & Gas Journal (PGJ) is the recognized authority on pipeline operations worldwide
  • PGJ is much more than a print magazine – PGJ is your portal connecting you to the pipeline industry worldwide
  • PGJ is a media publication group – monthly magazine (print & digital); website; eNewsletter; special reports; studies, surveys, supplements; webcasts; sponsored content, social media platforms; events, etc.
  • Focused on all aspects of midstream infrastructure including designing, constructing, operating and maintaining, as well as suppliers of products, equipment, services and manpower
  • Serves as a vital information source for news, developments, education, analysis, new technology, research reports, events, etc.
  • Addresses pipeline infrastructure operations, engineering, construction, maintenance, inspection and rehabilitation
  • Interstate, intrastate, gathering, processing, storage, distribution
  • Natural gas, crude oil, NGLs, liquid products, LNG, refined products
  • Pipeline Opportunities Conference – annual, one day conference in Houston in March


  • 30,000-plus  – the largest by far of any publication focused on this segment
  • Quality – recently validated; regularly re-qualified
  • Audited
  • Print – 83 %; digital – 17%
  • Timely delivery via local distribution

Subscriber Demographics

  • Pipelines/Utilities 64%; Engineering/Consulting/Contracting – 26%; Product/Service Suppliers & Other – 10%
  • Engineers/Managers/Superintendents – 56%; Corporate Officials/Purchasing – 28%; Field Personnel – 11%
  • North America – 68%; International – 32% (108 countries)

More info can be found at https://pgjonline.com/advertise/


  • Regular semi-annual Readership Surveys are conducted by a qualified 3rd party consulting firm
  • Survey results indicate consistent through the book readership
  • Editorial Quality
    • Editorial Exposure (recall seeing) – high percentages (80+%) of readers consistently recall reading specific editorial articles in various sections throughout the book
  • Advertising Effectiveness
    • Ad Exposure (recall seeing) – high percentages (70+%) of readers consistently recall seeing specific advertisements throughout the book
    • Ad Engagement (read some) – 60+% of readers read some of the ad they recall
    • Ad Involvement (read most) – 50+% of readers read most of the ad they recall
  • Publication Preference
    • Preferred Magazine 80+% of respondents are regular readers – 3 or 4 of 4
    • Most Useful – 79% indicate PGJ is the most useful publication
  • Call to Action – 90% of Subscribers report taking one or more purchasing actions in past year

Editorial Staff

  • Long standing commitment to providing highest quality editorial content – significant investment
  • Finest, most experienced editorial staff
  • Attend, speak, exhibit at over 25 industry events per year – allows PGJ to uncover news; spot industry developments; discover new technologies; identify key players and develop relationships 

Pipeline & Gas Journal – History

  • Initially published in 1859, Pipeline & Gas Journal is in its 157th year of continuous publication
  • No other energy publication even approaches this degree of successful longevity

Gulf Publishing Company

  • Pipeline & Gas Journal is owned by Gulf Publishing Company
  • In addition to Pipeline & Gas Journal, Gulf also publishes:
    • Pipeline News magazine
    • Underground Construction magazine
    • Pipeline Opportunities Conference
    • Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition
    • associated websites
    • associated eNewsletters
    • trade association membership directories
    • Webcasts
    • Whitepapers
    • Sponsored Content