Ryckman Creek Resources Commences Gas Storage Service

October 2012, Vol. 239 No. 10

Ryckman Creek Resources, LLC, wholly owned subsidiary of Peregrine Midstream Partners LLC, has begun commercial gas storage services at its new high-deliverability, multi-cycle (HDMC) Ryckman Creek Gas Storage Facility in southwestern Wyoming near the Opal Hub. Notice of Ryckman Creek’s commencement of service was filed with the FERC Aug. 21, the date customers began injecting gas at an aggregate rate exceeding 230 MMcf/d.

Ryckman Creek has interconnections with five interstate pipelines, all of which are connected to the Opal Hub, including the Questar, Ruby, Kern River, Northwest and Overthrust pipelines. Combined meter capacity exceeds 1 Bcf/d. Receipts and deliveries with Cheyenne Plains, CIG, WIC and REX can also be scheduled through the Overthrust pipeline. All interconnections are operational except Ruby which is scheduled to start service shortly. Maximum Phase I injection capability is 350 MMcf/d with a maximum withdrawal capability of 480 MMcf/d.

Initial working gas capacity for Ryckman Creek’s first phase is 18 Bcf for the 2012-13 storage season which will increase to 25 Bcf by spring 2013 and 35 Bcf by spring 2014. A Phase II expansion would increase total working gas capacity to 50 Bcf or more depending on market demand.

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