Load Testing Of 145-Ton Crane

October 2012, Vol. 239 No. 10

The Unique Maritime Group announced a project involving Seaflex WaterLoad Test Weights in Victoria, Australia.

Seaflex Ltd., headquartered on the Isle of Wight, UK, specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of subsea air lift bags, inflatable buoyancy units, WaterLoad™ Test Weights, cable and pipeline installation buoyancy, lifeboat testing ballast bags, yacht fenders and yacht racing marks.

Load testing of a 145-ton crane using the Seaflex WaterLoad Bags was carried on the anchor handling and construction vessel Skandi Hercules owned by the Norwegian company DOF. The vessel’s four smaller stores and anchor handling cranes were load tested using a Seaflex 5-ton WaterLoad Bag and 6.5-ton load cell.

Crane technicians from Seaflex’s Australian stock holding agent Lifting Victoria (a member of the Rigging Rentals Group) assisted with the test which included re- termination of new winch wire sockets. The test was completed with a 300-ton Maxibar from Rigging Rentals, rigged with five Seaflex 35-ton WaterLoad Bags. A final load of 145-ton was successfully applied to the NOV crane.

All Seaflex WaterLoad Bags are now available from the Unique Maritime Group in South Africa, Scotland, North America, Middle East, Far East and the manufacturing facility in the UK.