CO-2 Pipeline Design Study In England

April 2011 Vol. 238 No. 4

Jee recently performed a conceptual design study for National Grid on the feasibility of a new pipeline transporting carbon dioxide (CO-2) from industrial emitters in the east of England to a proposed storage site in the southern North Sea.

During the carbon capture and storage (CCS) pipeline conceptual design, Jee identified and evaluated the potential facility options at the proposed storage location and prepared appropriate survey specifications. Jee also carried out studies on wall thickness design, fishing interaction, pipeline protection, stability requirements, flow assurance, corrosion, umbilical cross section design, stakeholder planning, crossing design, and overall cost modelling.

The work Jee performed highlighted the requirements and concerns for the CCS subsea pipeline and facilities and ensured National Grid was able to make informed decisions when moving to the next stage of their project.

Commenting on the project, Russell Cooper, CCS Network Design Manager at National Grid said: “We involved Jee to consider our offshore pipeline options during the initial stages on our project, taking advantage of their extensive knowledge.”