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Pipeline & Gas Journal invites you to attend one of its industry-focused webinars. Webinars are open to all and available free of charge. If you are not able to attend a webinar at its scheduled time, return to this page after the scheduled broadcast in order to link to an archived version.

New Solutions for 21st Century Compliance hosted by Ayaworks
Sept. 17, 2014
Ensure your field inspection compliance results are traceable, verifiable, and complete.

We are in a new world of integrated compliance. Old systems do not meet the standards demanded by PHMSA. At this webinar learn how:

  • Mobile devices can perform field inspections with unmatched speed, precision, and thoroughness
  • Information can be shared immediately with the compliance office to ensure readily accessed results that are traceable, verifiable and complete
  • The completion of field work can be tracked with complete accuracy at any point in the process. See how to spot anomalies or incomplete inspections in seconds
  • Reporting, both standard and ad hoc, can be reduced from months to minutes
  • Existing GIS and operational systems can enhance compliance field operations
  • The use of technology both reduces field inspection costs and operational risk

Past webinars:
Improving SCADA Data Acquisition with a New Distributed Communications Architecture hosted by Kepware Technologies
June 25, 2014
Traditional SCADA and Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data collection servers have resided in the same location as the client applications that consume this data. This Host-Centric Model model separates the server from the data source, and requires the server to acquire data remotely—often by radio, cellular, satellite, or other wireless communication—over a Wide Area Network. The model limits data reliability, exposes bandwidth limitations, results in additional operational expenses, and is often insecure.

The new Distributed Architecture proposed in this webinar alleviates data strain on the communications network, and offers secure and reliable data to the Enterprise via the OPC UA standard.

4 Keys to Streamlining Field Operations in 2014 hosted by Irth Solutions
March 19, 2014
Many organizations have a complex network of critical and distributed pipeline infrastructure. A workforce of field technicians and engineers are responsible for meeting the continuous maintenance and operations needs of this essential infrastructure. However, it is often difficult to achieve a high level of productivity because of manual processes, disparate field data, outdated technology, and incorrect maps.

Please join us for this free webinar as we outline four keys to streamlining field operations, including real-world examples and perspective about how organizations can maximize performance and control risk of their pipeline infrastructure.

Innovative Non-piggable Pipeline Inspection Technologies hosted by GE
Effectively managing the integrity of buried piping systems is a complex process riddled with many challenges. Most notably are the safety and financial risks that owners and operators must balance when they try to optimize both production and maintenance. By incorporating state-of-the-art inspection methods, including laser technology and self-propelled In-Line Inspection (ILI) robots, managers of buried piping systems are able to mitigate risks that enable increased production, safer work spaces, and lower operating costs. Join GE’s panel of pipeline inspection experts on November 15th as they share their knowledge of these comprehensive inspection methods, and their collective experiences on pipeline challenges.

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How Southern California Gas Integrates Predictive Analytics into Their Organization hosted by SmartSignal
The gas pipeline industry is more important now than it ever has been. The gas market is growing, and the transportation business requires reliability and flexibility to integrate with renewable fuels in our energy balance. Pipeline operators must do this with legacy equipment, a graying workforce, tighter environmental requirements, and large amounts of data to analyze.

In this webinar thought leaders Gregg Arney and John Thompson discuss how they address these issues and how Southern California Gas came to embrace the early warnings provided by predictive analytics and their benefits.

Southern California Gas Company is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility, providing safe and reliable energy to 20.5 million consumers through 5.7 million meters in more than 500 communities.

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Bimodal MDPE and HDPE: Strong Choices in Gas Pipe
hosted by Dow Chemical Company
Presented by award-winning plastics pipe consultant Dr. Gene Palermo. Wrap-up Q&A with representatives from Dow and Polypipe, Inc.


  • a brief history of polyethylene pipe
  • what makes bimodal polyethylene unique
  • ASTM material designation codes and how ASTM accounts for PE100 materials
  • molecular parameters and key performance attributes that make bimodal MDPE 2708 and HDPE 4710 strong choices for today’s gas pipelines

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