SICK Finalist for P&GJ Award for Best Digital Transformation

(P&GJ) — After launching the FLOWSIC500, the world’s first ultrasonic gas flow meter for natural gas distribution, SICK has taken the next innovative step with its second-generation device, which is setting new standards in connectivity and transparency.

Putting Machine Learning to Use for Integrity Management

(P&GJ) — Minimizing the unscheduled downtime of a pipeline network is a crucial part of ensuring maximum throughput and therefore helping to ensure profitability. As an industry, it is known that one of the best ways to achieve this is to develop and maintain an effective risk assessment and an associated integrity management plan, acting on the outcomes of them and ensuring we have a good understanding of the current condition of the pipeline and the rate at which it is deteriorating.

Latest Liebherr Oil & Gas Equipment Presented on Bauma 2022

Liebherr offers the right solution for every operational stage of international pipeline projects: At the world's leading trade fair for construction machinery, Bauma in Munich, customers can experience the latest developments in Oil and Gas equipment, assistance technologies and machine controls. (Sponsored Content by Liebherr)

Miros Wins Sensor Contracts for Subsea 7 Pipelay Support

Miros Wins Sensor Contracts for Subsea 7 Pipelay Support and Fiber-Optic Cable Used to Overcome Monitoring Challenges.

Strohm Competing for P&GJ Award for Best Corrosion Technology

(P&GJ) — Strohm BV’s Thermoplastic Composite Pipe is a strong, corrosion resistant composite pipe solution with a long, maintenance free service life. Compared to conventional steel alternatives, it is lightweight and spoolable.

GPT Industries Finalist for P&GJ Award for Best Coating Technology

GPT Industries' EVOLUTION is a patent pending product that is the first of its kind to be a fully encapsulated isolating gasket. This proprietary coating has a greater than 50% increase in dielectric strength over existing isolation kits and it is compatible with all media that may be present within oil and gas pipelines.

SPOT Tracker Vying for P&GJ Award for Maintenance Technology

SPOT Tracker’s Operations and Maintenance module is designed to solve the challenges that come with geolocating, managing, and operating existing assets, maximizing uptime.

Mobiltex Data Finalist for P&GJ Award for Maintenance Technology

Mobiltex Data’s CorTalk RMU1-LITE remote monitoring unit is a low cost, high reliability device intended to remotely monitor AC/DC potentials (both on and instant-off) on a CP protected structure.

Compression Stations: The Long Road to Commissioning

(P&GJ) — Commissioning involves the use of a disciplined, systematic methodology to convert the constructed compressor station into an integrated and operational unit within a gas transmission system.

Onboard Dynamics Competing for P&GJ Award for Maintenance Technology

The GoVAC FLEX system enables natural gas pipeline crews to prevent close to 100% of methane emissions from occurring during pipeline evacuations. With the GoVAC FLEX, operators can draw down a pipeline to near 0 PSIG.

Being Certain of Flow Measurement Meter Uncertainty

For many years, the oil and gas industry has widely believed that the production test separator gives the most accurate flow rate measurements. However, realistically, it’s unlikely to be used because of the sheer size of a separator, which creates mobility issues such as the need to lift it with cranes and a requirement for ruggedized equipment for shocks and vibrations.

Overcoming Challenges of Midstream Digital Transformation

(P&GJ) — A lack of up-to-date digital capabilities has stymied American industries for years. Midstream oil and gas is no exception and has repeatedly shown that it needs accelerated change to succeed.

STATS Group Contender for P&GJ Award for Maintenance Technology

(P&GJ) — STATS Group’s BISEP DS technology offers pipeline operators a solution for line stopping, incorporating an integrated bypass to maintain production during maintenance activities.

Sypris to Supply High-Pressure Closures for Permian Highway Pipeline Expansion Project

Sypris Technologies Inc. has recently received an award for specialty high-pressure closures for use in the Permian Highway Pipeline expansion project, the company said on Tuesday. Shipments under this award are expected to be completed by year-end. Terms of the order were not disclosed.

What's New September 2022

Fecon, Ralston, Honeywell, Polygon, Trimble and more.

Completing an 8,400-Foot Solid Rock Bore near Midland

(P&GJ) — To perform a pipeline bore as efficiently as possible beneath a busy West Texas highway, Hard Rock Directional Drilling decided to use a drill on each side of a planned intersection near the middle of the bore.

Kellas Midstream Installs Real-Time Methane Monitoring Sensors at Teesside Gas Terminal

Kellas Midstream, the BlackRock and GIC backed company responsible for transporting 40% of the U.K.’s domestic gas production, has deployed continuous emissions monitoring at its Teesside Central Area Transmission System terminal in partnership with Project Canary.

What's New August 2022

Sensiron, Sick, ERC, Polygon, Netzsch Nemo, Vermeer and Esco Tool.

Strengthening Computing Solutions in Hazardous Environments

In all segments of refining and distribution, oil and gas facilities and pipeline stations regularly store and dispense large quantities of flammable and combustible liquids.

Advent Technologies, DEPA Commercial Collaborate to Develop Greece’s Hydrogen Economy

Advent Technologies Holdings Inc. has signed a memorandum of understanding with DEPA Commercial, the leading importer of pipeline gas and LNG in Greece, to collaborate on hydrogen projects of common interest.

DNV, Exxon Team Up to Develop Corrosion Detection Technology for Pipelines

DNV has joined Exxon Mobil in a joint industry project to develop the next generation of microbiologically influenced corrosion detection, monitoring and mitigation technology, the companies said on Thursday.

ROSEN Group Secures 5-Year Contract for Pan Malaysia In-Line Inspection

ROSEN Group has won three packages for five years each to provide pipeline in-line inspection services for approximately 200 pipelines for a Petronas group of companies that includes Pan Malaysia.

Making the Link Between DAS, Machine Learning, Digitalization

There is increased pressure for pipeline operators to improve efficiencies, reliability and safety. One way these demands can be achieved, which is widely regarded as the way forward, is digitalization – whereby digital technologies seamlessly connect to advance processes throughout an organization.

Digitized Testing System Takes Flight

IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH (IMA) boosted its testing capabilities with an all-digital measurement and control chain that automates shell testing.

DNV to Evaluate Use of Hydrogen in Czech Republic Pipeline

DNV, an assurance provider, has been asked by NET4GAS, the international gas transmission system operator based in the Czech Republic, to evaluate the hydrogen suitability of an existing DN 1400 pressure natural gas transmission pipeline and related stations.

What's New July 2022

Endress, Trimble, Honeywell, Sensor Networks, Dinkle, Juniper, ROSEN and more.

Pipeline & Gas Journal Accepting Nominations for Annual P&GJ Awards

Pipeline & Gas Journal is accepting nominations for its annual Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards, which will honor the midstream energy segment’s leading innovations and outstanding personal contributions to the industry.

Tellurian Commissions Baker Hughes for Driftwood Pipeline Project

Tellurian's subsidiary, Driftwood Pipeline, has commissioned Baker Hughes to provide decarbonization technology for its upcoming Lines 200 and 300 projects in southwest Louisiana.

Emerging Trends, Approaches in Engineering Assessments Pipeline Safety

The increased application of robust engineering assessments/fitness-for-service evaluations is expected to play out in several key ways.

Pipeline Isolation, Cross Compression Virtually Eliminate Emissions

For corporations, countries and individuals alike, both long-range planning and daily behavior are increasingly influenced by two little words: net zero.