Using Inline CP Tools in Multiple Pipeline Corridors

Inline cathodic protection tools can help improve pipeline inspection of multiple corridors.

Report: Pipeline Pigging Systems Market to Increase Through 2021

Report says rising demand for pipeline construction projects to boost the pigging systems market worldwide.

New Oil and Gas Pipeline Integrity Software Released

Battelle has released PipeAssess PITM Axial Crack Software designed for oil and gas pipeline companies to meet critical industry requirements and simplify decision making. The PipeAssess PITM Axial Crack software is a user-friendly, customizable alternative to traditional oil and gas software packa..

SoCalGas to Install New Valves to Enhance Pipeline Safety

Southern California Gas Company will upgrade or replace 50 to 60 pipeline valves in 2017 to further enhance the safety of its system. The upgraded valves will feature the latest technology that allow operators to control the valves from a remote location, or that automatically shut off the valve if ..

Company Offers Pipeline Inspection Training Course

Pipeline inspection training course offered online and on-site by Atlas API Training | Pipeline Contractors

AyaWorks' Pipeline Safety Solutions Meet Updated Regulations

AyaWorks announces its safety solutions meet the latest U.S. pipeline regulations.

First Subsea to Supply Pipeline Recovery Tool for Gulf of Mexico Pipeline

First Subsea to provide a pipeline recovery tool for the Sur de Texas-Tuxpan pipeline construction project.

Experts Offer SCADA Overview for Oil & Gas Companies

Schneider Electric gathered several of its most knowledgeable experts on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to provide P&GJ readers with the latest information on the challenges of cybersecurity and trends in SCADA management, as well as discussing whether there is a demand to bring mo..

Driving Ahead for Secure Gas Compressor Operation

Electrically driven gas compressors have several advantages over compressors driven by gas turbines: The drive torque can be varied much quicker; the variable speed drive (VSD) system can be operated with high efficiency in a much broader operation range; there are no local greenhouse gas emissions...

Transitioning to Smart Gas Meters Benefits Consumers

Utilities across the world are installing smart gas and electric meters, bringing an end to labor-intensive periodic meter readings at homes and businesses and inaugurating real-time, accurate monitoring of the amount and pattern of energy use. The introduction of internet of things (IoT) provides t..

Verifying Gas Chromatographs at Custody-Transfer Locations

Gas chromatographs (GC) play a critical role in custody-transfer operations and their accuracy literally impacts – may even determine – a company’s bottom line. Verifying accuracy is an essential function that ensures the correct operation of the analyzer at the time of testing, confirms that the GC..

Automated Pigging Systems Are a Tool Whose Time has Come

Pipeline inspections can be improved through the use of automated pigging systems.

Pipeline Workers Can Now View Safety Rules on Their Smartphone

Pipeline contractors now can enable their employees to access safety procedures from their smartphones.

GE Oil & Gas Unveils New Super-Efficient Gas Turbines

GE Oil & Gas today introduced two new super-efficient gas turbines LM9000 and NovaLT12 at their 2017 Annual Meeting, in Florence, Italy. “The best companies use volatile times as a catalyst to drive beneficial change,” Rod Christie, President and CEO of Turbomachinery Solutions, GE Oil & Gas said. ..

Oxford Flow’s High-Performance Industrial Pressure Regulator

High-performance industrial pressure regulators are used in gas and liquid pipelines to control flows and to prevent problems such as leaks. There are numerous companies supplying this market including America’s Fairchild Industrial Products, Italy’s Pietro Fiorentini, and Germany’s KSB Aktiengesel..

How EPA Regulations Change Ways We Look at Gas Leaks

New EPA pipeline regulations are changing how companies evaluate and analyze gas leaks.

SoCalGas to Use Fiber Optic Technology for Real-Time Pipeline Inspections

The Southern California Gas Company will use fiber optic cable to conduct real-time pipeline inspections.

Intelligent Pigging Services Market to Grow Through 2025

Future Market Insights has released key insights on the global intelligent pigging services market in its latest report titled, “Intelligent Pigging Services Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 – 2025.” According to the report, the global intelligent pigging services ma..

10 Surprises in the Energy Sector During 2017

There’s less than two weeks left before the 2016 calendar gets tossed. So for the pundit community it’s time to publish the obligatory list of, “What to Watch For in in the New Year.” It’s pointless to list the obvious. For oil and gas, pundits know that things like OPEC compliance,..

New Multiphase Machinery Test Facility Available at Southwest Research Institute

A 5,460-square-foot facility for developing and evaluating turbomachinery exposed to multiphase flow conditions is now available at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The Multiphase Machinery Test Facility can accommodate large-scale turbomachinery and testing with a variety of fluids. “This faci..

Energy Pipeline: Setting the Standard in Oil Transportation with High Pressure Gathering

Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum Corp. recently unveiled a new technology in oil-gathering that could decrease the impact some well sites have on their surroundings, potentially easing the sometimes strained relationships between the industry and its neighbors. When it will be available to all, howeve..

Inline Inspection with Non-Destructive Evaluation Provides Verifiable, Complete Records

Inline pipeline inspection with non-destructive evaluation helps produce complete records.

ILI Metal Loss Growth Analysis: Pipe Joint vs. Anomaly to Anomaly

Automated tools and techniques are being developed that are impacting how inline pipeline inspections are performed.

Gathering, Fracking Create Greater Demand for Plastic Pipe

The plastics industry continues to push the envelope in creating higher performance materials for pipe, which then inspires new compositions and installation techniques. And the main benefactors are gas utilities, exploration and production companies, and ultimately their customers. The research an..

Industry Works to Conquer Methane Leaks in Pipelines and Wellheads

While reliable gas transmission, distribution and gathering networks are critical to the nation’s growth, such infrastructure is being threatened by a failing pipeline network that leaks methane. Corrosion, along with the age of the system, plus the materials used decades ago, has caused the pipe s..

Drones Soaring as Oil & Gas Monitoring, Safety Tool

Drones are helping make pipeline inspections more cost-effective.

Advanced Manufacturing, Testing Methods for CLAD Pipes

From 2000 to 2013, global petroleum demand has grown an average of 1.2% year-over-year with the developing regions of Middle East, Africa and Asia rising at a combined rate of 2.8%. During this same period, global demand for natural gas has increased at twice the annual rate (2.4%) of liquid petrole..

Hardness Tester Targets Inspection of Unpiggable Pipelines

The Northeast Gas Association (NGA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) have joined forces to co-fund development of a hardness tester module for integration on the Explorer series of robotic platforms, developed for inspection of unpiggable natural gas pipelines. The resulting hardness..

Oil Spill Management Market Expected to Reach $125 Billion by 2022

According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global oil spill management market size is expected to reach $125.62 billion by 2022,  Increasing oil spill incidents since the past five years coupled with stringent safety and environmental regulations are expected to remain key driving f..

USGS Releases New Standards for Natural Gas

The U.S. Geological Survey has released new natural gas standards.  These reference gases are the replacement for the prior standards maintained by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. The natural gas standards are intended to serve as the primary carbon and hydrogen stable isot..