Vallourec Launches Intelligent Pipes Challenge

Vallourec has launched the company’s first “Open Innovation Challenge”  to identify start-ups, laboratories and companies with expertise in the area of intelligent pipes and to work with the selected companies to develop solutions adapted to fit Vallourec’s markets. “Intelligent” pipes are those de..

New Tools Can Cut Station Drying Times in Half

Sugar Land, TX-based Pipeline Drying International, LLC, said it has developed new proprietary tools and techniques that, when used in combination with its patented Mobil Drying Units (MDU), can dry compressor stations, meter stations and some vessels faster than anyone else in the industry. The co..

Excavators Look to Doosan for Challenging TAP Project

Doosan's line of excavators help the Trans Adriatic pipeline construction project make good progress.

Capturing Waste Heat from Gas Compressor Stations

In view ensuring the efficient use of fossil fuel energy and to reduce overall carbon emissions, the possibilities of maximizing exhaust-heat recovery should be seriously considered. Gas turbines reject 50% or more of the energy in the fuel into the atmosphere through the exhaust systems. Some of t..

Customized Protective Coatings Extends Life of Rotating Equipment

Achieving an acceptable service life without excessive maintenance can be a challenge for rotating equipment that is used in processing and delivery of hydrocarbon products. With the latest surface coating technologies it is possible to offer massive improvements to the expected service life of comp..

Reciprocating Compressor Pulsations Effect on Compressor Surge Margins

The mixed operation of centrifugal and reciprocating compressors in a single compression plant has become common design practice over the last 20 years, as this arrangement can provide benefits for highly cyclical process profiles. Conventional thinking was that a centrifugal compressor may experie..

SoCalGas Achieves Methane Capture Milestone

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) today announced the company has passed the one million cubic foot mark in its ongoing methane capture initiative. This innovative process allows for gas that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere during pipeline replacement work to be saved and reinjected..

Axalta Unveils Latest Addition to Internal Pipe Coatings Portfolio

Axalta Coating Systems has released the Nap-Gard 7-0015 Tan Internal FBE, a thermosetting epoxy powder constructed to pass Saudi Aramco’s 09-SAMSS-091 (2011) specification that delivers high adhesion properties to effectively protect pipelines subject to H2S, CO2 and CH4 exposure. “Axalta is excite..

Pinnacle Midstream Inks Deal with Bedrock Automation

Pinnacle Midstream has entered into an agreement with Bedrock Automation to use the Bedrock™ control system as the automation platform for its crude oil receipt and delivery points. Under the terms of the agreement, Bedrock™ system will coordinate flow of product from Pinnacle Midstream’s partners,..

Wood Group Releases Flexible Pipe Integrity Report

In a report titled Flexible Pipe Integrity Management Guidance & Good Practice, Wood Group has published its findings from the Sureflex joint industry project, a global effort that began in 2015 to improve knowledge and understanding of flexible pipe integrity management by assessing inspection and ..

EnergySec Honors 2017 Cybersecurity Industry Leaders

On Aug. 16, 2017, at the company’s 13th Annual Security and Compliance Summit, EnergySec recognized Michael Meason as Cybersecurity Professional of the Year and Andy Bochman as Cybersecurity Leader of the Year. Each year, EnergySec gives special recognition to individuals who have stood out among t..

SoCalGas Streamlines Processes to Support Renewable Gas Projects

Southern California Gas Co. has announced new initiatives that will make it easier for renewable gas production facilities to connect to the company’s natural gas pipeline system. First is the creation of a downloadable toolkit to assist renewable gas producers and developers who are interested in ..

Smart Pipeline Leak Technology to be Featured in Chevron Program

Rheidiant, Inc. today announced its Smart Sign pipeline leak detection system has been selected to participate in Chevron Technology Ventures new Catalyst Program, which is designed to support startup companies that bring innovative products that may have positive impact on the oil and gas industry...

Understanding Collaborative Approach to Pipeline Control Room Design

Control rooms are critical nerve centers of pipeline and midstream operations. The design and layout of a control room should take into account not only the operating controllers’ interaction with the SCADA system but also other transactional needs like work permitting, operations supervisory monito..

GIE’s Latest Challenge: World’s Longest Heat-Traced Pipeline

Gulf Interstate Engineering to design world's longest heat-traced pipeline construction project

Advanced Remote Sensing Offers Key to Identifying Pipeline Risks

With over 2.9 million miles of pipeline transporting natural gas, oil and other hazardous liquid across the United States, ensuring public safety and infrastructure security is of the utmost importance. High-profile incidents such as the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion and the natural gas leak at..

RWG to Overhaul Siemens Gas Generators in Turkey

Botas Petroleum Pipeline Company has awarded RWG a contract to overhaul three Siemens Industrial Avon aero-derivative gas generators. This equipment, located at the Kirklareli Compressor Station, provides mechanical drive capacity for natural gas compression, helping to maintain the reliability of T..

Setting New Standards in Natural Gas

Have you ever heard the joke that asks, “Where do the writers of dictionaries go to look up a word’s spelling?” Or have you ever wondered how people truly know how long a meter is? Well, the answer in both cases is, there are standards that are used as references. Now, sitting in an unassuming labo..

More to Quick-Opening Closures than Meets the Eye

The common definition of a closure is a pressure-containing component used to blank off an opening nozzle on a vessel or end of pipeline. Under this definition, a closure could be: • Weld cap (flat, ellipsoidal, spherical, conical) • Bolted blind flange • Quick opening closure As defined by ..

Taking Measure of Flow Meters in Phase-Contaminated Oil Flow

Accurate allocation measurement results are a key financial and commercial driver for E&P companies. Yet despite limited evidence of the performance of Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meter technology, they are being increasingly deployed for oil flows contaminated with water or natural gas. This arti..

Bringing Gas Meters into the 21st Century

Natural gas supplies nearly 34% of the energy needs in the United States, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This number will likely rise as recent advancements in exploration and availability of shale gas and innovative drilling techniques make it an increasingly attractive e..

Advantages of Using Flow Meters to Reduce Pressure Drop

Leaks in the distribution system actually rank low as the common cause of pressure drop – the reduction of pressure from the compressor discharge to the actual point of use. This article explains the causes of pressure drop, a variety of solutions and ultimately how to eliminate costly downtime.

Meeting Challenges of Metering and Control the Smart Way

For natural gas companies, there is growing pressure to deliver more energy, increase profitability and minimize financial losses. Greater expenditures are needed to ensure system integrity and replacement of aging infrastructure. Operators must also reduce operating costs and tightly control capit..

Delivering Gas Off-Grid in North America

Virtual pipelines are scheduled shipments of natural gas between two points – from A to B – by road, rail or sea without a fixed pipeline. Virtual pipeline operations are usually to be found in remote areas where the terrain makes it too costly or too difficult to construct permanent pipelines. The..

Harsco/Hammco Ships 100,000th ASME-Certified Cooler Section

Tulsa, OK-based Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers/Hammco (HAXC/Hammco), a producer of cooling systems for natural gas compression and processing, oil refining and other applications, has reached a major milestone in shipping its 100,000th ASME-certified cooler section. The cooling section is a core ..

Report: Global Seamless Pipes Market to Exceed $237 Billion by 2022

According to MarketsandMarkets™ Seamless Pipes Market by Type (Hot Finished, Cold Finished), Production Process (Continuous Mandrel Rolling, Multi-stand Plug Mill (MPM), Cross-roll Piercing & Pilger Rolling), Material, End-use Industry, and Region – Global Forecast to 2022, the worldwide seamless pi..

Honeywell UOP Introduces New Connected Plant Service to Improve Dehydration Of Natural Gas

Honeywell UOP has introduced its new Connected Plant ARMGuard™ system, a remote monitoring service that helps natural gas processors manage the adsorbents that are used to remove water from natural gas. Honeywell UOP’s ARMGuard system uses existing instrumentation to help customers optimize their a..

Clock Spring Casing Spacer Axial Shear Testing Results Released

Clock Spring Company, LP, a manufacturer of permanent and temporary composite pipeline and pipe work repair solutions, has released Axial Shear Testing Evaluates Casing Spacer Integrity and Performance, a white paper highlighting the results of Stress Engineering Services, Inc.’s  full-scale upper-b..

Quest Integrity, Metegrity Announce Strategic Alliance

Quest Integrity today announced a strategic alliance with Metegrity, Inc., providing extensive software capabilities to succeed Quest Integrity’s Reliability Maintenance System (RMS™) software platform. “The strategic alliance between Quest Integrity and Metegrity adds a strategic and c..

Axalta Releases Addition to Internal Pipe Coating Line

Axalta Coating Systems, a global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has released Nap-Gard® 7-0016, a thermosetting epoxy powder that is designed to provide excellent chemical resistance in temperatures up to 150oC (302oF). “Axalta is excited to bring another innovative product to its internal ..