Strathcona and CGF to Build $2 Billion Carbon Capture Infrastructure in Canada

Canadian oil producer Strathcona Resources said on Wednesday it has partnered with Canada Growth Fund (CGF) to build carbon capture and sequestration infrastructure in Saskatchewan and Alberta provinces.

Strohm Unveils Carbon Fiber Pipes for CO2 Transfer in CCS Applications

(P&GJ) — Strohm, a leading thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) company, has introduced a new product combining carbon fiber and advanced PVDF polymer.

Exxon, Air Liquide Partner to Boost Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production in Baytown, Texas

ExxonMobil and Air Liquide have announced an agreement to support the production of low-carbon hydrogen and low-carbon ammonia at Exxon’s Baytown, Texas facility.

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Piñon Midstream Secures EPA Approval for Carbon Capture at Dark Horse Facility

Piñon Midstream has received approval from the EPA for its monitoring, reporting, and verification plan for the permanent sequestration of carbon dioxide at its Dark Horse Treating Facility in Lea County, New Mexico.

Air Liquide and Dunkerque LNG's CO2 Project Gets EU Support

The D'Artagnan project will include an Air Liquide pipeline to transport CO2 from capture sites to a new terminal in the port of Dunkirk, where it will be liquefied and shipped to permanent storage sites in the North Sea.

Geospatial Analytics: Predictions, Trends, and A.I. Applications for Pipeline Management

Geospatial analytics is revolutionizing pipeline management for oil and gas companies, enabling efficient monitoring of vast infrastructure. Utilizing A.I.-powered technologies, this approach detects potential leaks, encroachments, and chemical traces, ensuring early detection and minimizing environmental impact.

Cormetech and Ozona Partner on Full-Scale Carbon Capture Project

Cormetech Inc. and Ozona CCS LLC have signed an agreement to develop and operate a full-scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCUS) system with integrated NOx reduction.

Wood Completes FEED for Aramco's Carbon Capture Hub in Saudi Arabia

Wood has finalized the front-end engineering and design (FEED) for Aramco's Accelerated Carbon Capture and Sequestration project in Saudi Arabia.

Luxfer Introduces G-Stor Hydrosphere for Advanced Hydrogen Transportation

Developed for safe and sustainable hydrogen transportation via virtual gas pipelines, the G-Stor Hydrosphere range offers significant capacity and energy delivery.

Hydrogen-Blend Pipelines: Repurposing Requires Effective Data-Gathering Methods

National Gas Transmission's Project Union aims to repurpose 1,243 miles of UK gas pipelines for hydrogen transport by the early 2030s, using advanced GIS and automated data extraction for effective integrity management.

Navigating Small Diameter ILI Challenges in Crude Oil Gathering Systems

Bridger Pipeline operates a crude oil gathering system, of approximately 3,500 miles, in the Williston Basin of western North Dakota, eastern Montana and the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. The system contains many small-diameter (3-inch to 6-inch) gathering lines that are a challenge to inspect with ILI tools.

Technote: Enhancing Pipeline Safety Through Automation

Discover the pivotal role of automation in modern pipeline operations, addressing safety challenges while optimizing efficiency and regulatory compliance. Gain insights into the evolving dynamics of the industry and future technological trends.

Pipeline Efficiency: Enhancing Bearings with Surface Preparation and Coatings

Surface preparation and coatings enhance the performance and lifespan of industrial bearings in pipelines. Techniques like shot blasting and advanced coatings provide superior wear and corrosion protection, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Explore methods to boost pipeline efficiency.

Ensuring Hydrogen-Blend Pipeline Integrity: The Role of In-Line Inspection

As the world aims to reduce carbon emissions, hydrogen is emerging as a key energy source. Discover the role of in-line inspection (ILI) in ensuring pipeline integrity for hydrogen transport, addressing unique challenges and solutions for adapting existing infrastructure for hydrogen-blend and pure hydrogen transport.

Leak Detection: Navigating Industry Evolution Through Adaptive Technology

To maintain innovation and growth while avoiding potential disruption, the governing bodies responsible for regulation and processes within the pipeline industry are expected to anticipate change and implement the appropriate solutions.

STATS Group Expands Footprint with Key Projects Across Australia and Asia Pacific

Explore STATS Group's recent milestones in Australia and Asia Pacific, from groundbreaking pipeline projects to strategic expansions, positioning the company at the forefront of energy transition efforts.

Ultra-Slow Speed Control Technology: The Solution to Efficient Drilling in Rock

When it comes to directional drilling in rock, operators often face numerous challenges. The hardness and unpredictability of rock formations require precise control and consistent power from the drill. Too much or too little force can lead to inefficient drilling, equipment damage and even project failure.

XCMG's Advanced Drilling Rig Overcomes Challenges in Serbia's Gas Pipeline Project

XCMG's advanced drilling rig, the XZ3600, triumphs in Serbia's gas pipeline project, conquering tough terrain and hard soil layers with ease.

Valve Exerciser Test Can Provide Help with Preventive Maintenance

In process control, availability of all control elements is crucial to maintain smooth operation without unexpected final control elements failures. One of the most important final control elements used in today’s industry are valves.

Case Study: Risk Management for Valve Rupture Mitigation in Pipeline Operations

Discover how a U.S. transmission pipeline operator collaborated with Dynamic Risk to conduct a comprehensive risk analysis for valve rupture mitigation. Learn how geospatial data and advanced analytics were utilized to prioritize high-consequence areas and optimize risk management strategies.

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Exxon, Pertamina to Advance Carbon Capture Efforts with Appraisal Drilling in Indonesia

Pertamina and Exxon plan to conduct appraisal drilling for a carbon capture and storage (CCS) hub in Indonesia, with the companies signing an initial storage deal with South Korea's KNOC on Wednesday.

Energy Transfer Joins CapturePoint for Carbon Capture and Storage Initiative in Louisiana

CapturePoint LLC and Energy Transfer LP have formalized agreements for the joint development of a carbon capture and permanent underground storage project in Louisiana.

NJ Natural Gas Implements First Carbon Capture Units in State, Aiming for Greener Operations

New Jersey Natural Gas has recently installed two CarbinX carbon-capture systems at its headquarters in Wall, N.J., marking a significant step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

NOV Introduces Breakthrough Heated Flexible Pipe System for Subsea Operations

NOV will supply its first active heated pipe system in 2025, introducing a proprietary technology solution of electrically heating the bore of the pipe through the resistance of the pipe’s inner carcass layer.

U.S. State Dept. Clears Oil Service Firm SLB of Russia Sanction Violations

The U.S. State Department believes oil services firm SLB has not violated sanctions against Russia and the company has been told what Washington is willing to accept, Assistant Secretary of State Geoffrey Pyatt told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.

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U.S. Shale Oil Sector Sees Revival Through Advanced Technology Adoption, Financial Obstacles Remain

Technology advances are making it possible for U.S. shale oil and gas companies to reverse years of productivity declines, but the related requirement to frontload costs by drilling many more wells is deterring some companies from doing so.

AI Boom to Fuel Natural Gas Demand in Coming Years, Report Says

A spike in power usage from artificial intelligence (AI) data centers could significantly boost natural gas demand in the second half of the decade, analysts at investment banker Tudor Pickering Holt & Co. said in a report on Tuesday.