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Russia Making Moves Affecting the Arctic’s Hydrocarbon Future

This is Part 2 of PGJ's article on Russia’s moves under its Strategic Development Act. The strategy gives particular significance to Murmansk Oblast, emphasizing a broad range of complex and multifaceted transformative measures targeting this province.

German Social Democratic Party Official Defends Pro-Nord Stream 2 Policy

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline to bring Russian gas to Germany should not be mixed up with political and human rights disputes with Moscow, a senior official from the Social Democratic Party said.

Gas Prices Rise as Russian Pipeline Stays in Reverse After Three Weeks

A pipeline that usually sends gas from Russia to Europe was stuck in reverse after three weeks on Monday, pushing up prices in Europe at a time of political tension.

Gas Flows Eastward via Russian Yamal Pipeline for 18th Day, Volume Eases

The Yamal-Europe pipeline was flowing east from Germany to Poland on Friday for an 18th successive day, albeit at marginally lower levels than on Thursday.

US Worried Nord Stream 2 Sanction Plan by Cruz Would Undermine United Front

The State Department is worried that a vote to slap sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline would undermine the united front in response to Russia.

European Gas Prices Rise with Russian Pipeline Stuck in Reverse

European gas prices rose on Wednesday as gas flowed eastwards for the 16th successive day along a pipeline that usually sends deliveries from Russia to Europe.

Russian Gas Transit Via Ukraine Fell 25% in 2021

The volume of Russian gas transported via Ukraine to Europe fell 25% last year, reducing a key revenue stream for Ukraine's struggling economy.

Gas Flows Eastward Via Russian Yamal Pipeline Jump

Natural gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which usually sends Russian gas west into Europe, jumped on Tuesday in direction of Poland from Germany.

Russian Gas in Yamal Pipeline Flows East for 14th Day

The Yamal-Europe pipeline which usually sends Russian gas west into Europe was flowing east from Germany to Poland on Monday for a 14th straight day.

Gas Flowing East From Germany Via Yamal Pipeline for 13th Day

The Yamal-Europe pipeline which usually sends Russian gas west into Europe was flowing east from Germany to Poland on Sunday for the 13th straight day.

Putin Says Nord Stream 2 Link Ready to Calm Gas Prices

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Nord Stream 2 undersea gas pipeline would help to calm a surge in European gas prices and was ready to start exports.

Gazprom Plans Third Line at Ust-Luga LNG Plant

Gazprom said its board has approved signing a memorandum with Linde and RusKhimAlyans to build a third line at an LNG plant at the Baltic Sea port of Ust-Luga.

Russian Gas Flows via Yamal-Europe Pipeline Reversed for 6th Day

The Yamal-Europe pipeline that usually delivers Russian gas to Western Europe was sending the fuel back to Poland for a sixth straight day on Sunday, according to data from German network operator Gascade.

Russia's Putin Lays Europe Gas Price Crisis Blame on Germany

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Germany was reselling Russian gas to Poland and Ukraine rather than relieving an overheated market.

Russian Gas Flows via Yamal-Europe Pipeline Reversed for 3rd Day

The Yamal-Europe pipeline that sends Russian gas to Western Europe was operating in reverse for a third straight day on Thursday.

Ukraine's Naftogaz Calls for EU Anti-Monopoly Action Against Gazprom

EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager said the bloc asked questions of major energy companies "to understand if there is foul play in the energy market," but it was too early to reach any conclusions.

Russia Says it Hopes Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Will be Certified

Russia hopes the Baltic Sea Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which was completed in September but remains idle, will eventually be certified.

Russian Gas Flows via Yamal Pipeline Reversed for Second Day

Russian gas flows via the Yamal-Europe pipeline to Germany continued to flow in reverse mode for a second day on Wednesday, keeping European gas prices high.

Gazprom Expects Dividend on 2021 Results at More Than 45 Roubles/Share

Russian energy giant Gazprom expects to pay dividend on 2021 results of more than 45 roubles ($0.6087) per share thanks to high oil and gas prices.

European Gas Prices Hit Record as Russian Flows via Yamal Reverse

Westward gas flows through the Yamal-Europe pipeline, one of the major routes for Russian gas to Europe, had been falling since Saturday and, after stopping early on Tuesday, reversed direction.

Gas Prices Surge in Europe as Russian Yamal Pipeline Exports Fall

European natural gas prices jumped more than 8% on Monday, nearing an all-time high, with Russian deliveries to Germany through the Yamal-Europe pipeline at very low levels.

Russian Gas Exports to Europe Via Yamal Pipeline Fall Again

Russian natural gas deliveries to Germany through the Yamal-Europe pipeline have fell again on Sunday after rising briefly from Saturday levels, data showed.

Nord Stream 2 Starts Filling Second Pipe with Natural Gas

Nord Stream 2 AG started filling its second pipe with natural gas, stepping up preparations to launch a project that has sparked global political tensions and is yet to get the green light from Germany.

British, EU Gas Prices Soar as Less Russian Gas Expected on Friday

British and European wholesale gas prices closed at record highs after data indicated Russian gas exports to Germany through the Yamal pipeline were not expected on Friday.

Nord Stream 2 Won't Go Live in First Half of 2022, German Regulator Warns

The German energy regulator's eagerly-awaited decision on fully certifying the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline won't come in the first half of next year, it said on Thursday.

Russian Gas Exports to Europe via Yamal Pipeline on the Rise

Russian natural gas deliveries to Germany through the Yamal-Europe pipeline have increased in the early hours of Wednesday.

Gazprom's European Gas Export Growth Slows to 4.8%

The pace of Gazprom's natural gas exports' growth to Europe has been gradually slowing in recent months to just under 5% from double digits seen earlier in the year.

Nord Stream 2 Gas Unlikely to Flow if Russia Renews Ukraine Aggression, US Says

Gas is unlikely to flow through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline if Russia renews its aggression against Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

EU Tells Russia Aggression Against Ukraine Would "Come at a Price"

The head of the European Commission declined to say outright if such a move by Moscow would trigger EU sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

Polish PM Tells Germany's Scholz Not to 'Give in' Over Nord Stream 2

Poland's prime minister said he would call on Germany's newly appointed Chancellor Olaf Scholz to oppose the start-up of Nord Stream 2.