U.S. Reveals Clean Hydrogen Tax Credit Plan, Explores Natural Gas Integration

The U.S. proposed rules on Friday for how energy companies can access billions of dollars in tax credits for producing low-carbon hydrogen using new clean energy sources but left thorny issues, such as how nuclear power could benefit, uncertain.

Smart Tech Takes Aim at U.S. Methane Emissions

(P&GJ) — It’s hardly surprising that major gas leaks hit international headlines. Known as super-emitter events, these leaks cause plumes of methane to escape into our atmosphere — sometimes for days on end. However, these leaks are often spotted by satellites orbiting our planet before they are even known about on Earth.

DNV and NGT Collaborate on Pioneering Hydrogen Pipeline Research for UK's Gas Network

DNV has announced that it is the lead partner for National Gas Transmission (NGT) in further expanding a world first hydrogen pipeline research facility FutureGrid. DNV will support NGT in developing a hydrogen de-blending, purification, and re-fueling facility at the site.

CNX Resources Pulls Out of Adams Fork Ammonia Project

CNX Resources said on Friday it had pulled out of the Adams Fork ammonia project and is evaluating several alternative sites in southern West Virginia for clean hydrogen projects.

U.K. to Back 11 Green Hydrogen Projects Under $2.5 Billion Fund

Britain's Energy Security Secretary, Claire Coutinho, announced on Thursday backing 11 projects to produce green hydrogen, as part of the government's 2 billion pound ($2.5 billion) funding to be committed over the next 15 years.

Energy Companies Launch Green Hydrogen Projects in Italy

Four energy companies announced on Tuesday two separate green hydrogen projects in Italy as they move to offer clean fuels to their customers and take advantage of money coming from the European Union's post-pandemic recovery fund.

Cepsa CEO: Hydrogen Urgently Needs Demand, Infrastructure

Cepsa, an oil, gas and chemicals company, is investing more than 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) to create Europe’s largest clean hydrogen hub and an additional 2 billion euros in solar and wind facilities in southern Spain, making use of prime locations on the Mediterranean and Atlantic for exportation to northern Europe.

U.S. to Release Hydrogen Subsidy Guidance After COP28

The U.S. will release guidance for how hydrogen producers can secure billions of dollars of subsidies embedded in last year’s Inflation Reduction Act sometime this year after the COP28 climate conference in Dubai, U.S. energy advisor John Podesta told Reuters on Wednesday.

Symbio Inaugurates Europe's Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plant

Symbio, the hydrogen mobility joint venture between Stellantis, Forvia and Michelin, has inaugurated Europe's largest gigafactory for hydrogen fuel cells in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France.

Canadian Wind-Hydrogen Project Delayed One Year in Race to First European Exports

One of Canada's first projects to produce emissions-free hydrogen with wind energy has delayed its start by one year because operator World Energy GH2's European customers need more time to develop special infrastructure to handle the product, the company said.

Green Hydrogen Projects by Spain's Enagas Poised to Receive EU Funding

Two renewable hydrogen projects partially managed by Spain's gas grid operator Enagas have been included in the European Commission's list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI), the company said on Tuesday, meaning they could benefit from accelerated permitting procedures and subsidies.

Snam, Eni, Terna to Fast Track European Pipeline, Hydrogen, Carbon Capture Projects

The two initiatives supported by Snam are a pipeline for hydrogen between Italy, Austria and Germany dubbed the SoutH2 Corridor and a carbon capture and storage hub offshore Ravenna known as the Callisto Mediterranean C02 Network.

Spanish Green Hydrogen Pipeline to Receive EU Funding

The Commission's list includes the H2Med corridor - a future multibillion-euro "green" hydrogen pipeline connecting the Iberian peninsula to France and on to Central Europe by 2030.

Danish Fund to Invest $10 billion in Mexican Green Hydrogen Development Hub

One of Mexican President Lopez Obrador's key infrastructure projects is the development of an industrial corridor connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in Mexico's poorer south.

US Paves the Way for a New Era in Hydrogen: Federal Funding Boosts Clean Hydrogen Initiatives

The Biden administration strengthened its support for clean hydrogen back in October by funding a range of proposed development hubs spread across the United States.

Japan's Okinawa Electric Plans to Trial Using Hydrogen at Gas-Fired Power Plant

Japan's Okinawa Electric Power plans to start co-firing hydrogen on a trial basis at a commercial gas-fired power plant from March in a bid to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, its president said on Friday.

US Hydrogen Tax Credit Rule Faces 2024 Delay Amid Disputes Over Design

The Biden administration could push the release of a highly anticipated rule guiding the use of clean hydrogen tax credits into next year as Treasury officials struggle to resolve disputes between environmentalists and the industry over how "green" to make the incentive, according to two sources familiar with the administration's plans.

Canadian Firm to Build $2.9 Billion Green Hydrogen Project in Quebec

Montreal-based renewable energy firm TES Canada H2 Inc. will build a $2.9 billion green hydrogen project in Quebec that is expected to create 200 permanent jobs and reduce 3% of the province's carbon emissions by 2030, a source familiar with the project told Reuters on Thursday.

Air Products to Build Europe's Largest Blue Hydrogen Plant in Netherlands

Air Products and Chemicals said on Monday it will build, own and operate a carbon capture and carbon dioxide (CO2) treatment facility at its existing hydrogen production plant in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Private Equity Rushes to Gulf as Fundraising Dries Up

A growing number of private equity funds are opening offices in the Gulf, hoping to deepen their ties with cash-rich sovereign wealth funds and families in the region as funding for buyouts has dried up elsewhere.

Repsol Freezes Hydrogen Investment in Northern Spain on Regulatory Uncertainty

Spanish oil major Repsol has frozen the investment plan for a hydrogen plant in the Basque country, northern Spain, due to uncertainty about the future of a tax imposed on energy companies, its top regional executive said on Monday.

Plugging the Leak: Tackling Methane Emissions

(P&GJ) — The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated by a number of governing bodies, including the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, to ensure pipelines run efficiently and safely. However, no matter how controlled operations are, toxic vapors from fugitive emissions continue to be a problem.

Repsol Freezes Spanish Hydrogen Investment Plan Due to Tax Uncertainties

Repsol CEO Josu Jon Imaz said the tax favored foreign energy producers over Spanish ones and created uncertainty over returns on investment in the country. He added Repsol had other countries to invest in.

Duke Energy to Build End-to-End Hydrogen System in Florida

The new system, a collaboration between Duke, construction management and consulting firm Sargent and Lundy, and General Electric's unit GE Vernova, would be located at Duke's existing facilities in DeBary, the company said in a statement.

Opinion: Hydrogen Industry Held Back By Lagging Development Pace

Hydrogen bulls have taken a beating recently, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) cutting demand for the fuel in key forecasts and oil major Shell announcing job cuts and reduced scale in its hydrogen business.

Singapore to Conduct Feasibility Study on Proposed Hydrogen Export Pipeline from Malaysia

The study will focus on the transport of "low carbon hydrogen" via a pipeline between the Malaysian state of Johor and City Energy's Senoko gasworks plant, City Energy's Chief Executive Perry Ong told reporters.

U.S. Picks 31 Regional Hubs to Spur Tech Innovation

The Biden administration on Monday named 31 U.S. regional technology hubs from 370 applicants, making the areas eligible for $500 million in federal funding to help spur innovation across various sectors.

U.S. Hydrogen Tax Credits Trigger Disputes Among Senate Democrats

Ten Senate Democrats will ask President Joe Biden's administration not to include strict rules guiding use of clean hydrogen tax credits that the Treasury Department is due to release by the end of the year, according to a draft of a letter seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

German Gas Grid Operator OGE Joins Hydrogen Pipeline Project

German gas grid operator Open Grid Europe (OGE) is joining its French, Spanish and Portuguese peers working to develop a multibillion-euro hydrogen pipeline connecting the Iberian peninsula to France and on to Central Europe.

Williams Selected by DOE to Participate in Two Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs

(P&GJ) — The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has chosen Williams to join two hydrogen hubs, one in the Pacific Northwest and another in Appalachia.