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Production Rates in Tight Oil Formations Still Rising

February 2016, Vol. 243, No. 2

Tight oil production in the United States increased from 2007 through April 2015, based on estimates in EIA’s Drilling Productivity Report (DPR), and accounted for more than half of total U.S. oil production in 2015. Tight oil growth has been driven by increasing initial production rates from tight wells in regions analyzed in the DPR. As drilling techniques and technology improve, producers are able to extract more oil during the initial months of production from new wells. The average new well in each of these regions produces more oil than previous wells drilled in the […]

National Grid at Home and Abroad

January 2016, Vol. 243, No. 1

National Grid is a British-based multinational pipeline and power networks company with operations in the United Kingdom and northeastern United States. It is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world and is listed on both the New York and London Stock Exchanges. According to National Grid’s most recent report and accounts, it made profits of £3,780 million and employed 24,274 people in 2014-15. This article looks at some of its United Kingdom and U.S. gas operations. UK National Grid   National Grid is the sole owner and operator of the national gas […]