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Central European Nations Oppose Russian-German Gas Pipeline

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Four Central European nations are united in opposing a pipeline that would deliver natural gas directly from Russia to Germany because it would harm Europe’s ability to create an efficient energy system, Poland’s president said Saturday. President Andrzej Duda described the Nord Stream 2 project, which would bypass traditional transit pipelines in Ukraine and Slovakia, as having “no economic justification,” describing it as a political project implemented by Gazprom on behalf of Russia. All four presidents agreed that an efficient energy union means one that will ensure competitive energy supplies in […]

Putin, Erdogan Voice Support for Gas Pipeline Project

ISTANBUL (AP) — The leaders of Russia and Turkey on Monday voiced support for the construction of a gas pipeline, a plan that was suspended amid tensions between the two countries. In separate addresses to the World Energy Congress, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan said their countries wanted to press ahead with the Turkish Stream project. The pipeline would carry Russian natural gas to Turkey and on to European Union countries. “We are providing energy for the EU for the past 50 years,” Putin said in his speech. “We are […]

Russia Says Global Deal to Cap Oil Output is Close

March 2016, Vol. 243, No. 3

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia says it is close to an international deal with OPEC countries to cap oil production, and that a final decision will be made at a meeting this month. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar floated an output cap last month with the aim of boosting oil prices, but it was conditional on other producers joining in. Iran has so far resisted, while Russia has agreed. Addressing top state and private sector oil executives, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Energy Minister Alexander Novak “is agreeing and practically has agreed with his partners […]

Russian-OPEC Coordinated Production Cut Remains Long Shot

January 2016, Vol. 243, No. 1

The rumors of a coordinated production cut between OPEC and Russia continue to grow more serious. The latest comes from the Russian energy minister Alexander Novak, who insisted that Russia will hold talks with OPEC in February on a possible agreement to reduce output. “There are very many questions, on checking cuts, from what base to count from. In order to start working through these issues, we need general agreement, it’s too early to talk about that. That’s the subject of the meeting and discussion (in February),” Novak told reporters, according to TASS. The headline […]

Russia Warns Cuts Needed to Avoid Repeat of ’98 Crash

January 2016, Vol. 243, No. 1

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s leaders are warning the government will need to make more cutbacks if the nation is to avoid a repeat of the 1998 financial crash, the country’s biggest post-Soviet economic trauma. The economy, which is heavily reliant on its massive oil and gas industry, is getting hammered by the plunge in global energy prices. State revenues are running dry and the cost of living is soaring for Russians as the currency drops. Faced with the prospect of the economy languishing in recession in an election year, the government sought Wednesday to manage […]

P&GJ’s 2016 Worldwide Construction Report

January 2016, Vol. 243, No. 1

P&GJ’s 2016 survey figures indicate 94,799 miles of pipelines are planned and under construction worldwide. Of these, 49,848 miles represent projects in the engineering and design phase; 44,951 miles are in various stages of construction. Following is a list of new and planned pipeline miles in the seven basic regional groups (see area map). North America 34,122; South/Central America and Caribbean 5,085; Africa 6,528 ; Asia Pacific 29,759; Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 11,191; Middle East 4,929;  and Western Europe and European Union 31,116. For information on these and other pipeline projects, see P&GJ’s […]