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Editor’s Notebook: Be Skeptical of What Anyone in the Energy Industry Says

April 2016, Vol. 243, No. 4

The best advice that I offer about energy is to be skeptical of what anyone tells you. No matter what side of the political or social spectrum you fall into, everyone has got an angle they want to sell. Don’t believe any of them without checking the facts and understanding where the message is coming from. This time I’m not even talking about our energy-clueless president and his pandering to his base as he searches for a legacy issue or the API’s rabid distaste for the administration since Day One. What has me roiled are […]

Rubio Speaks Welders’ Language in NH Campaign Stop

March 2016, Vol. 243, No. 3

When Sen. Marco Rubio, in a recent Republican presidential debate, argued that American colleges weren’t equipping their students for the job market, he said, “The world needs less philosophers and more welders.” That remark, picked up by the Wall Street Journal, was music to the ears of Kyle Reagan, executive vice president of Decco Inc., a pipe-manufacturing firm in Brookline, NH. Watching the debate, Reagan contacted his colleagues and said, “Did you hear what Rubio just said?” The company turned the statement into a banner at its annual welding competition. And it was hung over […]