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Pipeline Pigs – You Have Got to be Kidding!

March 2016, Vol. 243, No. 3

Even today, a lot of people laugh when you talk about putting a pig in a pipeline. And it takes a good 15 minutes to explain what they do and what they look like! There are an estimated 18-20 manufactures of pipeline pigs, most residing in the United States, with an estimated annual global market size of $100-120 million. Pigs come in a variety of configurations, each with a specific purpose. Pigs are primarily used for: Cleaning pipelines: To improve or increase flow and reduce or minimize internal corrosion. Increasing the flow or production can […]

Inline Services

March 2016, Vol. 243, No. 3

Inline Services has new tracking equipment that can be used to monitor a pig’s location or movement throughout a pipeline. The pig-tracking equipment consists of receivers, geophones and transmitters. Receivers are used to reveal distinctive pulsing patterns of passing pigs. Geophones detect low sounds helping to indicate where the pig is in the pipeline. Transmitters are available in standard or custom types and operate by emitting electromagnetic fields at low frequencies (between 15-30Hz). Using these devices will help to greatly reduce the search area in the event a pig becomes stuck or lost in the […]