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Environmentalists Triumph as Senate Upholds Methane Rule

WASHINGTON (AP) — Environmentalists notched a rare win in the Republican-led Senate on Wednesday as a GOP effort to reverse an Obama-era rule restricting harmful methane emissions unexpectedly failed. The 51-49 vote against the repeal measure was a blow to the fossil-fuel industry and groups linked to the conservative Koch Brothers, which had waged a public campaign to overturn the Interior Department rule. The rule, finalized in November, would force energy companies to capture methane that’s burned off or “flared” at drilling sites because it earns less money than oil. An estimated $330 million a year in methane — the […]

Methane Studies Guide Provides Fact-based Insight for Policy Decisions, Natural Gas Leaders Say

April 2016, Vol. 243, No. 4

Leaders of the Natural Gas Council (NGC) today released an independent, objective and fact-based guide to more than 70 different analyses of methane emissions from natural gas systems. The report, ‘Finding the Facts on Methane Emissions: A Guide to the Literature,’was authored by ICF International and identifies several recurring findings among the different reports. ‘The report identified some commonalities and overarching themes that the Natural Gas Council hopes policymakers will use to inform their decisions on methane released from natural gas systems,’ said Dena Wiggins, president and CEO of the Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA). […]

Measuring Methane Emissions: Part of Gas Pipelines’ Future

January 2016, Vol. 243, No. 1

When examining the growing cottage industry of methane emissions control, it is clear upfront that it is one of the toughest sub-specialties in the emerging conglomerate that makes up the national response to climate change impacts. Researchers, engineers and public-policy wonks must start with the reality that methane coming out of the ground is odorless, invisible and a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG). And that’s the easy part. Prompted first by operators seeking efficiencies and greater economic value, and more recently by federal government initiatives, the unrelenting effort to curb methane emissions has covered all corners […]