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Small Plane Doing Gas Pipeline Inspection Crashes Near Road

WELLSTON, Ohio (AP) — A single-engine plane performing a gas pipeline inspection in Ohio has crashed near a road, injuring the pilot and his passenger. The State Highway Patrol says pilot Stephen Dawson, of Louisville, Kentucky, told authorities the engine lost power before the plane crashed Wednesday near Wellston, about 125 miles (200 kilometers) east of Cincinnati. The patrol’s Jackson post says the Cessna 172 then struck a wire fence before coming to rest on its landing gear. Troopers say Dawson was hospitalized with injuries that weren’t life-threatening. They say passenger Joshua Simone was wasn’t […]

A. Hak, Al Tamimi Energy Awarded Pipeline Inspection Contract

In a partnership with Al Tamimi Energy, A.Hak Industrial Services Middle East has been awarded a five-year contract to inspect the majority of Saudi Aramco’s unscrapable pipelines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “A. Hak Industrial Services has a strong local presence in the Middle East and an impressive track record in cleaning and inspection of un-scrapable pipelines, which was key to our success in securing this contract,” Roland Hendriks, General Manager of A. Hak Industrial Services Middle East, said.  “Our personnel and equipment resources are at the leading edge of inspection services, and our turnkey approach […]

Report: Wireless Sensing Technologies Energize Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring Sector

Frost & Sullivan has released its Sensors for Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring report, which highlights that the need to manage the serviceability and stability of an aging pipeline infrastructure is driving the adoption of smart sensors in the oil and gas pipeline monitoring market. According to the report, advanced sensing systems that leverage new technologies, such as wireless sensing, energy harvesting, smart materials, embedded electronic computing, miniaturization, robotic systems, and Big Data analytics intelligence, can increase return on investment, reduce down time, and improve public safety. “Wireless sensors are emerging as one of the strongest […]

Fugro Receives Pipeline Inspection Contract from Petrobras

Fugro has received a two-year contract extension from Petrobras to provide comprehensive inspection, repair and maintenance and pipeline inspection services in Brazil. “As an industry leader in ROV IRM, Fugro provides worldwide subsea inspection services in water depths up to 4,000 meters,” Andrew Seymour, Fugro’s manager for marine business in Brazil said. “This new contract strengthens our position in the Brazilian market, despite the challenging market conditions, and reinforces our ability to provide these services to clients such as Petrobras.”Commenting on the latest award.” The contract follows Fugro’s successful completion of an initial 12-month contract […]

Smart Pigging Tools Help Complete Inline Inspection

The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) has completed an inline inspection of two sections of the Tengiz-Novorossiysk oil pipeline.  The sections inspected were 275 and 206 kilometers long. To complete the project, three types of smart pigs were used. A multichannel geometry tool was used to check for faults in pipeline geometry (dents, corrugations, ovality) and verify bend radiuses. High-resolution magnetic inspection pigs were used to determine locations and assess the extent of defects oriented across the pipeline. Finally, ultrasonic inspection tools were used to look for such defects as corrosion, stratification, and scratch marks. In […]

Anadarko: 99% of Colorado Gas Lines Passed Inspection

DENVER (AP) — An energy company that owns a natural gas pipeline linked to a fatal home explosion in Colorado said more than 99 percent of the pipelines it tested afterward showed no sign of leaks. Anadarko Petroleum said late Friday the pipelines that failed the test are being repaired and will be re-tested. State regulators ordered energy companies to test all pipelines within 1,000 feet (300 meters) of occupied buildings after the natural gas explosion in April that killed two people. Friday was the deadline for the tests. About 9,700 test results were made public, […]

129,000 Oil, Gas Lines Identified Near Buildings in Colorado

DENVER (AP) — Colorado has nearly 129,000 underground oil and gas pipelines within about 1,000 feet (300 meters) of occupied buildings, according to energy company reports ordered by the state after a fatal house explosion blamed on a severed gas line. Friday was the deadline for companies to test those lines for leaks, and about 9,500 test results had been made public by mid-day. The vast majority indicated the pipelines passed the tests. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission ordered energy companies to identify and test all pipelines near occupied structures after a natural […]

DOF Subsea Awarded Pipeline Inspection Contract

DOF Subsea has been awarded a new contract to undertake the pipeline inspection on the Transmediterranean Pipeline Company Limited Pipeline System in Q3 2017. The scope of work includes the inspection of five submarine pipelines between Sicily and Tunisia. In total, DOF Subsea will survey more than 466 miles of pipeline using its high specification survey vessel MV Geosund. “We are delighted to win this work with TMPC,” Robert Gillespie, managing director, DOF Subsea UK Ltd, said. “We have a good relationship with the company, having successfully completed this inspection scope for them in the past, and we are looking […]

Cutting Pipeline Operational Costs Without Sacrificing Safety

June 2017, Vol. 244, No. 6

Pipeline operators are increasingly turning to software-based tools to predict pipeline failure and reduce the need for frequent manual field inspection. But how well do these models really predict the development of axial cracks and other pipeline flaws? In order to reduce field inspection costs without increasing the risk of an unexpected pipeline failure, operators need to have confidence that software models provide accurate and reliable predictions. Battelle has developed a new software solution that uses empirically derived and physics-based modeling to provide more complete and accurate life prediction than is possible with traditional software...

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2nd Pipeline Under Straits of Mackinac Passes Pressure Test

MACKINAW CITY, Mich. (AP) — Enbridge says a second oil pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac in northern Michigan has passed a pressure test required in a Justice Department agreement following a 2010 oil spill in southwestern Michigan. The most recent test was Friday on one pipeline that’s part of Line 5. The Canadian company pumped the line’s east segment with water and kept pressure higher than usual. Enbridge said in a statement Sunday that it’s “pleased with the validating results of this very significant test.” The west segment passed a pressure test earlier this […]

SwRI Patents New Pipeline Inspection Technology

The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has patented a new technology to inspect coatings of pipelines installed through horizontal directional drilling. The technology can determine both the extent and the configuration of any damage to the coating that occurs during HDD installation,” said Dr. Pavan Shukla, one of the two SwRI engineers who invented the technology. “Our system provides a significant improvement over existing technologies that are only capable of estimating the extent of coating damage but do not provide information about the configuration of that damage.” Traditionally, workers install pipelines in open trenches, a method that […]

Pipeline Beneath Straits of Mackinac Passes Pressure Tests

MACKINAW CITY, Mich. (AP) — Pipeline company Enbridge says an oil pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac in northern Michigan has passed federally required pressure tests. The test took place Saturday on one pipeline that’s part of Line 5. Enbridge pumped the line’s west segment with water and kept pressure high for 8 hours. Enbridge officials told reporters in a conference call Monday the line is fit for service and no leaks were found. A second pipeline, called the east segment, will be tested soon. The pipelines were built in 1953. Line 5 carries about […]

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