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Gasoline Thieves Out of Control and Deadly in Mexico

TEPEACA, Mexico (AP) — Gasoline thieves are out of control in Mexico, tapping into pipelines in broad daylight often with the support of local townsfolks and under the noses of authorities. The growing and lucrative form of organized crime has become a blood trade with deadly shootouts, murders and deadly fireballs. Parts of central Mexico have turned into Mad Max-scapes of burned-out abandoned vehicles, vans hollowed out to hold giant tanks and trucks converted into homemade armored cars. It is an industrial-scale operation, involving a string of villages and hamlets along pipeline routes. The government […]

Largest East Coast Pipeline Reveals Demand For Gasoline Is Crashing

There’s a reason this week’s EIA survey showing gasoline and oil supplies declining has failed to stop RBOB prices from collapsing to 7-month lows: The start of the summer has done nothing to revive sluggish demand. That’s because despite what the EIA survey said, little has been done to reduce record fuel inventories. The squeeze has gotten so bad, Northeast Colonial Pipeline Co., the operator of the biggest US fuel pipeline system, said that demand to transport gasoline to the country’s populous northeast is the weakest in six years, the latest symptom of a global […]

Mexico Closes 7 Gas Stations Allegedly Selling Stolen Fuel

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico closed seven service stations Thursday for allegedly selling gasoline and diesel stolen from state-run pipelines, the first confirmation that large amounts of fuel siphoned from illegal pipeline taps are being sold through officially sanctioned gas stations. An official of the state-run Pemex oil company said authorities had caught red-handed such sales at a total of 14 stations — seven in Puebla, one of the states hit hardest by pipelines thefts, and seven elsewhere in Mexico. The official didn’t say why only seven had been shut down. The thefts were especially […]

Hearings Set on Proposed Pipeline Upgrade in North Dakota

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota regulators have set two public hearings on a proposed upgrade of a segment of a gasoline and diesel pipeline that runs from eastern Montana to Fargo. The Bismarck Tribune reports (http://bit.ly/2pCCbQz ) that Laurel, Montana based-Cenex Pipeline says the proposed $115 million upgrade is needed to keep pace with increased demand for refined fuels in North Dakota and western Minnesota. The company wants to expand the line from 8 inches in diameter to 10 inches. The North Dakota section under review begins near Williston and ends at an existing […]

Owner Won’t Reopen Fuel Pipeline in Northeast Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker’s administration says the owner of a fuel pipeline that had served northeastern Wisconsin until it shut down in March 2016 will not be reopened. The Department of Administration said Friday that the West Shore Pipeline Company has notified the state that it will not replace the aging pipeline used to transport gasoline and diesel fuel. The 56-year-old, 110-mile-long pipeline runs from north of Milwaukee to Green Bay. Since its closure, the state has worked with local officials and industry leaders to get fuel to that part of Wisconsin. […]

Pipeline Reopens Near Chattanooga After Gasoline Leak

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — A pipeline in Chattanooga has reopened less than a week after it was closed because of a gasoline leak. Colonial Pipeline spokesman Aaron Smith tells news outlets that the affected portion near Signal Mountain was repaired Thursday night and service to the line has been restored. It had been closed after a resident on Saturday reported smelling gasoline. The pipeline carries petroleum products through Chattanooga to Nashville. Officials estimate that about 630 gallons of gasoline leaked near Shoal Creek. Environmental Protection Agency spokesman Jason McDonald says the gas never reached the […]

Colonial’s Gas Line Back in Service

HELENA, Ala. (AP) — A gas pipeline that exploded in Alabama last week is back in service, the pipeline company said Sunday. Service was restarted at 5:45 a.m. Sunday on the pipeline that transports gasoline from the Gulf Coast to New York City, according to Colonial Pipeline Co. The pipeline exploded Monday while a crew was making repairs related to a September gas spill, killing one person and injuring four others. It may take several days for the fuel delivery supply chain to return to normal after the service restoration, the company said. Government officials […]

Update: Company Aims to Restart Gas Pipeline This Weekend

HELENA, Ala. (AP) — Executives at a pipeline company say their goal is to restart the line as early as this weekend after an explosion and fire shut down gasoline shipments to millions across the South. The deadly explosion sparked a geyser of fire Monday and closed off the vital pipeline, raising fears of another round of gas shortages and price increases. It’s Colonial Pipeline’s second accident and shutdown in two months. Continuing fires in the drought-stricken area of central Alabama hampered officials’ efforts to fully assess the damage Tuesday afternoon, and firefighters built an […]

Cause of Colonial Pipeline Explosion Revealed

HELENA, Ala. (AP) —  A federal agency that regulates pipelines says contractors were working on repairs stemming from a September leak when gasoline ignited and spread fire to the Colonial pipeline in Alabama. Colonial Pipeline executive Gerald Beck said a nine-man crew was using a track hoe to excavate the pipeline as part of preparation work so permanent repairs of the September leak could be made. Beck said the track hoe — a large piece of heavy equipment — struck the pipeline, causing the explosion Monday. At a Tuesday afternoon news conference, Colonial spokesman Bill […]

Company: Main Gas Pipeline Out for Rest of Week

HELENA, Ala. (AP) — Colonial Pipeline says it has restarted one of its two main pipelines after an explosion in Alabama, but anticipates that its main gasoline line will remain down the rest of this week. The Georgia-based company said in a statement Tuesday that it restarted its Line 2, which transports diesel, jet fuel and other products, around 11 a.m. Central Time Tuesday. Colonial shut down both of its main lines after Monday’s blast, which killed a worker and injured several others. A Colonial Pipeline leak last month led to gas shortages and rising prices […]

Company: 1 Dead, Several Injured in Colonial Pipeline Blast

HELENA, Ala. (AP) — For the second time in two months, a pipeline that supplies gasoline to millions of people was shut down, raising the specter of another round of gas shortages and price increases. The disruption occurred when a track hoe — a machine used to remove dirt — struck the pipeline, ignited gasoline and caused an explosion Monday that sent flames and thick black smoke soaring over a forest in northern Alabama, Colonial Pipeline said. One worker was killed and five were injured. A September leak that spilled 252,000 to 336,000 gallons of […]

California Wholesale Gasoline Price Falls Before Switch to Summer-Grade Gasoline

March 2016, Vol. 243, No. 3

The spot price of wholesale gasoline in Los Angeles fell as low as 66 cents per gallon (¢/gal) on February 18, the lowest spot gasoline price in the nation and something that has only occurred on 24 days in the past 10 years. From February 12 to February 23, the Los Angeles spot price for California reformulated oxygenate blendstock (CARBOB, the petroleum component of gasoline in California) remained the lowest in the nation. On February 23, the specification for CARBOB switched to summer-grade gasoline, which resulted in a one-day price increase of 57%, from 68¢/gal […]