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Guest Editorial: New York City Housing not Feeling the Heat

March 2018, Vol. 245, No. 3

The finger-pointing among government officials began quickly when thousands of New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents were literally left in the cold as the temperature dropped to record lows. So far, unsurprisingly, no one is taking the blame for the unacceptable state of public housing heating infrastructure, which failed in dozens of buildings. Yet resident leaders have been calling for upgrades for years, warning that exactly what did happen would happen. But NYCHA residents don’t need a culprit, they need action. And while the heating crisis prompted new promises from elected officials for new […]

Guest Editorial: American Energy Disrupts OPEC’s Influence

The OPEC cartel’s plan to continue its production cuts for nine more months means that two worlds — energy and politics — are once again colliding. Energy observers today are feverishly trying to anticipate what will happen with the basic cost of energy, which has the ability to upset manufacturing capabilities, trade practices, and even entire economic markets. With all the uncertainty, one thing is clear. American energy production is disrupting OPEC plans and influencing energy prices more than it has in a generation. As a Texas energy regulator, I am often asked about the […]

The Current State of the U.S. Pipeline Industry

(Note: This is a transcript of the speech, Jeff Share, Pipeline & Gas Journal’s award-winning editor, gave to the Pipeliners Association of Houston earlier this month) Since the election I’ve been pondering about what I want to talk about. With Donald Trump it’s anyone’s guess what’s going to happen next. President Obama wasn’t popular with our industry, but when he came in, domestic crude production was just 5 mbpd, we imported 10 mbpd, and no exports were allowed. Now we produce 9 mbpd, import about 7 mbpd and export over 600,000 bpd of crude. We’re […]

Changing the Narrative about Pipelines in America

In 2016, the pipeline industry landscape in America is experiencing quite a dichotomy.  On one hand, oil and gas production is at an all-time high, and we are well positioned to become an energy independent nation if we build the necessary pipeline infrastructure to transport it.  On the other, pipeline projects are met with a level of distrust and protest never seen in our country’s history.  Just look at Dakota Access: The project has been approved and yet every day it seems there is a new story about a protest concerning the project.  In fact, […]

The World Has Lost a Legend

Millions of words have been written and said since the passing of Muhammad Ali. Now it’s time for me to add my two cents. I grew up in in eastern Pennsylvania the son of small-town storekeeper who struggled mightily to eke out a living. They were  middle aged when Ali appeared on the scene in the 1960s. They, like many of their generation, harbored a bias against others who were different, be it color, religion, nationality, etc. It always surprised and disappointed me that this Jewish mother and father who had also felt the sting […]

Welcome to PGJ’s New Website

It’s finally here! Welcome to Pipeline & Gas Journal’s newly revised and enlarged website. We hope you’ll be able to quickly find whatever you’re looking for, including updated news in the world of natural gas and oil pipelines, old news from our previous issues, information on print and online advertising, subscriptions, important energy industry and association studies and a review of of new products and services designed to make your work easier. We’ll include technical, staff-written and contributed articles from the print version of P&GJ as well as breaking news. We’ll be covering what industry […]