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Hackers Drawn to Energy Sector’s Lack of Sensors, Controls

HOUSTON (AP) — Oil and gas companies, including some of the most celebrated industry names in the Houston area, are facing increasingly sophisticated hackers seeking to steal trade secrets and disrupt operations, according to a newspaper investigation. A stretch of the Gulf Coast near Houston features one of the largest concentrations of refineries, pipelines and chemical plants in the country, and cybersecurity experts say it’s an alluring target for espionage and other cyberattacks. “There are actors that are scanning for these vulnerable systems and taking advantage of those weaknesses when they find them,” said Marty Edwards, director […]

Reaping Benefits of Digital Age While Avoiding Cyber Threats

February 2017, Vol. 244, No. 2

Digitalization is taking businesses into a new era, and the oil and gas industry is by no means an exception. With the focus on cost-cutting, increased efficiencies and improved sustainability, the oil and gas industry is increasingly embracing digital technologies to meet these challenges. By building advanced digital controls on platforms, combined with improved connectivity, the industry is able to transfer tasks for data processing onshore, reducing manpower and increasing energy efficiency and operational effectiveness. DNV GL’s report, Technology Outlook 2025, provides foresight of digital advancements expected to hit the oil and gas marked by...

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New Security Solutions Meet Cybersecurity Challenges

March 2016, Vol. 243, No. 3

While the oil and gas industry has suffered fewer major cybersecurity breaches than other industries to date, many minor incidents have occurred and it’s only a matter of time before a major oil and gas company will appear in the headlines along with companies such as Target. Global consultancy DNV GL released a survey of 1,100 business executives on Nov. 30, which lists the top 10 cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  These include: Lack of cybersecurity awareness and training among employees Remote work on pipelines and infrastructure during operations and maintenance Using standard IT products with known vulnerabilities […]

Cybersecurity Highest IT Solution Area of Investment for Utilities

March 2016, Vol. 243, No. 3

Special to Pipeline & Gas Journal Today, even more than in the past, utilities are lamenting the rigidity and costs of running and maintaining their legacy IT solutions, putting CIOs in the spotlight. Utility CIOs are facing significant challenges in determining where to make the most effective budget allocations. At the same time, CIOs are expected to undertake new initiatives to ensure the most productive, effective, and efficient alignment between business process and IT. To understand which IT solutions will attract the most investments from utilities, IDC Energy Insights has released a new report, Business Strategy: Utilities IT […]

Cybercrime and Utilities: Preparing for Attack

February 2016, Vol. 243, No. 2

Cyber-crime is one of the biggest threats organizations face. Computers control almost everything we do, from the level of chlorine put into our water to the electricity supply into our town. Hackers are fully aware of this, and they understand if they infiltrate these systems or do anything to jeopardize the supply of these utilities, it wouldn’t take long before chaos erupted. Cyber-criminals are constantly looking for new targets and energy companies can deliver significant return on investment. A cyber-criminal, for example, could hold a country at ransom by stopping its gas supply. This illustrates […]