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Keystone XL Does Not Make Sense Anymore

Canada’s oil industry is facing a dilemma – three major proposed pipelines but perhaps only room enough for two of them. For years, the oil industry in Canada has been fighting for expanded pipeline capacity. Landlocked Alberta has had trouble getting its oil to market. Every direction except north has been seriously considered, with TransCanada, Enbridge and Kinder Morgan jockeying to advance their competing projects to service Alberta. All of these projects have been bogged down by a combination of the federal approval process, environmental protest and opposition from First Nations. The Keystone XL pipeline […]

Natural Gas Pipeline Proposed by Cheniere

Cheniere Midstream Holdings, Inc. intends to file an application in May 2017 for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity with FERC to construct the Midcontinent Supply Header Interstate Pipeline, which will connect new gas production in the Anadarko Basin to growing Gulf Coast markets while providing capacity of up to 1,400 million cubic feet per day. If approved, the project will include the construction of the following facilities: Mainline Pipeline: 200 miles of 30-inch or 36-inch diameter new-build pipeline from Kingfisher County to Bennington, Oklahoma Compressor Station 1: Located in Canadian County, Oklahoma, containing approximately 28,300 horsepower […]