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Gibson Energy to Proceed with Viking Pipeline Project

Gibson Energy Inc. today announced the sanction of the $50 million Viking Pipeline Project, a 120-kilometer oil pipeline in Canada’s Viking Basin that will extend the reach of the existing Provost Pipeline to support development by several regional producers. Once completed, the Viking Pipeline Project will have an initial capacity of 13,300 bpd with the potential to expand to an estimated 25,000 bpd in the future. The project is expected to be placed in service in Q1 2019, and is underpinned by shippers through take-or-pay commitments with an area of dedication.

Pipeline Politics Destroyed Canada’s Reputation for Investors

February 2018, Vol. 245, No. 2

It took a decade. It happened so gradually few noticed. Those who did were regarded as alarmist. Those opposed who participated, knowingly or otherwise, in an organized, well-financed, multi-year plan to destroy the future of the oil sands were pleased. No country in  the world has written more about pipelines that were never built. Northern Gateway. Keystone XL. Energy East. Federally approved Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain is bogged down in endless controversy, posturing and obstruction. Although construction in Canada is underway, Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement is stuck in the approval glue in Minnesota. KXL may...

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New Pipeline Regulation Issued in Canada

Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) has finalized an Order that requires all regulated companies to report any identified pipe or components – received, installed, or in service – that do not meet mechanical properties identified in industry standards or company specifications. This Order builds on a series of enhanced quality assurance measures taken by the NEB including MO-001-2016, a Safety Advisory, and a technical workshop held in June 2017 with stakeholders representing regulators, industry and manufacturers. The first of its kind in Canada, the technical workshop facilitated open dialogue on quality assurance, from both a technical […]

Canada’s Oil Crisis Continues To Worsen

Canadian oil producers can’t get a break. First it was the pipelines — there are not enough of them to carry the crude from Alberta’s oil sands to export markets. This pipeline capacity problem has been forcing producers to pay higher rates for railway transportation, which has naturally hurt their margins in no small way. Now, there is a shortage of rail cars as well. The situation is going from bad to worse for Canadian producers who can’t seem to catch a break. Canadian railway operators are fighting harsh winter weather and finding it hard […]

Kinder Morgan Gets Green Light On Part Of Trans Mountain Pipeline

Canada’s National Energy Board has given Kinder Morgan the go-ahead to start construction work on a tunnel entrance in British Columbia’s Burnaby Mountain that will be part of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion. The board also approved the expanded pipeline’s route in the part where the tunnel is to be built, lifting all pre-construction conditions regarding the tunnel specifically. Though this is a rare piece of good news for Kinder Morgan in the Trans Mountain saga, it does not mean that the pipeline construction will soon begin. The NEB has yet to approve about […]

Kinder Morgan Accepts B.C. Gauntlet On Trans Mountain

British Columbia threw down the gauntlet when its government said it will fight Kinder Morgan using any legal means available to permanently suspend the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Now Kinder Morgan, the operator of the pipeline, has revealed it has no intention to go gently into the good night of B.C.’s opposition. In a letter to the province’s PM, John Horgan, the president of the company, Ian Anderson, said the motives that B.C. has given for its opposition to the expansion project were questionable, adding that new rules for oil shipments proposed by […]

Sweeping Changes to Pipeline Project Reviews Proposed in Canada

Following a 14-month investigation, the Government of Canada today proposed sweeping changes that would dramatically change how oil and gas pipeline projects will be reviewed moving forward. The proposed changes include: Increased public participation in project reviews:  A new early engagement phase will be adopted and regulators will work more closely with Indigenous Peoples when making decisions. Transparent, science-based decisions: These rulings will be easy to understand and made publicly available. More comprehensive impact assessments: The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, will be replaced with the Impact Assessment Act. Also, the types of impacts studied […]

Canada Oil Group Tells Alberta, B.C. To Get It Together

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is against the politicization of the conflict between the governments of Alberta and British Columbia concerning the latter’s unwillingness to accept the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion projects. Responding to comments made by the leader of the Alberta United Conservative Party, Jason Kenney, CAPP’s head, Tim McMillan, said “We want to see the politicization mellowed on all sides. Any time that trade issues get ramped up and there’s a politicization of them, people get injured, businesses get injured. Our hope is that the elected leaders can find a path […]

Alberta Stops Importing B.C. Wine over Pipeline Dispute

EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — Canada’s oil-rich province of Alberta is banning wine imports from neighboring British Columbia over a dispute about a proposed pipeline. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced Tuesday that the province is banning wine from British Columbia wineries effective immediately. Last week, British Columbia’s government announced it is looking at rules to limit any increase in imports of petroleum from Alberta’s oil sands until an independent panel can better analyze whether the system is safe and if it can adequately deal with a spill disaster. The rules could kill the proposed Trans Mountain […]

Canadian Regulators Issue First Detailed Route Hearing Decisions for Trans Mountain Expansion

The National Energy Board (NEB) today issued the first four detailed route hearing decisions for the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline. The decisions for detailed route hearings in Segments 1 & 2 cover portions of the pipeline route west from Edmonton to just before the Jasper National Park boundary. The hearings took place in Spruce Grove, Edson and Hinton, Alberta in November and December 2017. In total, 11 detailed route hearings were held for Segments 1 & 2, and 18 other objections to the detailed route in these areas were withdrawn. Decisions for the remaining seven hearings in these […]

Canadian Pipeline Construction Project Approved

The National Energy Board (NEB) has conditionally approved an application from Enbridge Pipelines (NW) to replace a 2.5 kilometer segment of its Line 21 Pipeline, also known as the Norman Wells Pipeline. Enbridge submitted its application on March 10, 2017 after identifying a potential safety concern related to a shifting slope on the Mackenzie River. In its decision, the NEB issued 26 mandatory project conditions, including a requirement to file an Indigenous Monitoring Plan. This plan will describe how local Indigenous peoples will participate in monitoring project construction and post-construction. Enbridge must also file Indigenous Engagement Reports and an Indigenous Knowledge […]

First Nations Tribes To Oppose Tanker Ban Set To Threaten Eagle Spirit Pipeline

First Nations leaders backing the $16 billion Eagle Spirit pipeline are raising money to challenge the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act that is currently making its way through the Canadian parliament, according to a report by the Vancouver Sun. A recent press release from the project’s chief council says the group is challenging the law because it was “was promoted largely through the lobbying of foreign-financed ENGOs and without the consultation and consent of First Nations as required by the Constitution.” The conglomerate of over 30 First Nations groups says it prioritizes the environment, but in […]

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