Pipelines: Improve Energy Usage and More with the Right VFD
23 September 2020

Sponsor: Rockwell Automation

There are choices you can make to enhance the efficiency of your pipeline operations. Choosing the right variable-frequency drive (VFD) is one of those choices. In this webcast, we’ll go into more detail about ways to actualize savings and achieve better performance. 

Are you responsible for implementing cost saving ideas for your pump or compressor stations? The right VFD can lead to energy savings, time savings, and help maintain throughput – eliminating the costs associated with downtime. You might also want your VFD to have remote visibility. That’s smart. And, we’ll explain how picking the right VFD can help with the remote nature of oil and gas pipeline operations. 

Join Rick Paes, an oil and gas industry consultant at Rockwell Automation, as he discusses some opportunities for realizing savings in your oil and gas pipeline operations.


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Reliable Edge Computing in Midstream is key to success in our digitally transforming world
16 June 2020

Sponsor: Stratus Technologies 

A Successful Midstream Digital Transformation Journey relies on a sound digitalization strategy, dependable infrastructure, and a reliable technology platform. 

Digitalization means enabling analytical tools such as predictive or prescriptive maintenance, running real time models in a simulated environment or “Digital Twins” to compare reality with engineered design. This also includes other applications to improve performance or identify inefficiencies. These advanced tools require compute power to be deployed at the “Edge.”

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:

•    Explore the benefits of a zero touch environment at the Edge for today’s operators, electrical and automation techs supporting critical computer infrastructure with little to no training.
•    Understand how infrastructures supporting high availability and fault tolerance protects critical data used in analytical applications. 
•    Increase the value of midstream digitalization solutions through a better understanding of virtualization and redundancy.

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Best Practices in Supporting Front Line HPI Operations Remotely in Response to Covid-19
18 May 2020

Sponsor: OSIsoft

To ensure employee safety, HPI companies had to quickly pivot to a remote support model with many subject matter experts (SMEs) and engineering staff working remotely supporting front line, sequestered critical operations and field operators.

What are the best practices and lessons learned from this new remote operational support model?  What have been technologies and work processes that are enabling effective and efficient remote operational support?  Is this the “new norm” going forward even when the impact of Covid-19 abates? If not, how will remote support of critical operations be changed?  

If this topic and questions are of interest to you and your organization, please attend this special HPI webinar with a panel of leading industry customer experts who will discuss their perspectives. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions for the panelists.

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MQTT and SCADA Communications Architecture in an IIoT World: Improve visibility and analytics while lowering costs
28 April 2020

Sponsor: Honeywell 

New protocols dramatically reduce traffic and data storage requirements, giving midstream and upstream operators a choice of lower data communications costs or faster updates on existing infrastructure. The result is well optimization, or faster pipeline leak detection due to improved visibility and analytics.

Join us for this live webinar and gain insight into how MQTT and other IIoT technologies are changing SCADA protocols, architectures, data efficiency and access. Chad McGraw, marketing manager for SCADA and Pipelines at Honeywell Process Solutions, will discuss using MQTT brokered pub-sub architecture to allow authorized vendors to directly access site data and run analytics on field equipment.  

This webinar is a must for wellfield and pipeline operators seeking guidance on how SCADA protocols and architecture are affected by IIoT technology and how to handle the associated challenges. Who gets write access? Are you ready for the security implications?

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Transitioning from Line Stopping to Double Block and Bleed Pipeline Isolation Technology
23 April 2020

Sponsor: STATS Group

Pipeline owners and operators are constantly looking to improve operational safety and reduce time and costs during pipeline maintenance and repair. STATS BISEP® developed more than a decade ago provides industry-first, leak-tight double block and bleed isolation technology for temporary line plugging, offering a leak-tight seal every time.

Traditionally, operators use multiple split tee fittings and lip seal line stopping equipment or temporarily suspend pipeline operation to allow for necessary maintenance to take place safely. The BISEP offers significant safety advantages over traditional line stop technologies and can be deployed through a single hot tap intervention while production is maintained through an integrated bypass, avoiding interruption to production and reducing costs, without compromising safety.

The webinar will highlight the key advantages of the BISEP and how it can be integrated within an operator’s existing fleet of hot tapping and isolation equipment for maximum cost efficiency.

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Energy Infrastructure Update: Short-term changes for long-term gain
16 April 2020

The oil price collapse and COVID-19 pandemic have thrown the energy industry into turmoil with the new market conditions leading companies to review the status of their global project portfolios. This fast-paced environment necessitates that decision-makers take a holistic approach to managing infrastructure in the midstream and downstream markets. As you look to the future, join the next Energy Web Atlas webcast to gain industry perspective that will allow your company to better navigate the months ahead.

Join the Energy Web Atlas as we take a closer look at the following:

  • What projects have updated their status in:
    • Global refining, gas, and petchem
    • Global pipelines
    • Global LNG import/export facilities
    • Lower 48 pipelines
  • What projects have been put on hold?
  • What projects are still moving forward?
  • Where are these projects located?
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Pipeline Integrity Forum
10 March 2020

Sponsors: Polyguard Products, Inc., and Stanley Inspection

During this 60-minute live webcast, we will discuss the following topics:
1) "Developing Field Applied Coating Criteria for PHMSA Compliance", with presenter, John Strong, Technical Field Specialist, Polyguard Products, Inc. 2) "NeXray: Real-Time Radiography System", with presenter, Jeremy Guretzki, President, Stanley Inspection.

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Asia's Natural Gas Midstream in Focus: Tracking Key Investment Patterns and Potential Impacts
6 February 2020

Speaker: Chris Cothran

Asia drives global LNG demand!

LNG exporters to Asia have a slew of challenges to contend with, including the prospect for project sanction delays, demand-side factors impacted by global health scares, relative economic underperformance and trade disputes and wars. Constraints continue as the global natural gas prices keep decreasing.

In this webcast we will discuss:

  1. Key drivers, challenges, and the impact on the Asian LNG capacity investment thru 2025.
  2. The effects of potential oil-linked vs hub-based pricing in the Asian project economic context.
  3. Critical factors supporting or inhibiting project progression.
  4. A five-year outlook on anticipated capacity expansion for key Asian LNG import nations, including China, Japan, India, and South Korea. 
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