Product Category: Inspection & non-destructive testing

Beyond Unpiggable Inspections: Pipeline Attributes And Challenges To ILI Process

June 2013, Vol. 240, No. 6

Today’s inline inspection (ILI) technologies provide reliable solutions for inspecting pipelines once deemed unpiggable or difficult to inspect. Yet the tools are only one part of the solution. The fact remains that “unpiggable” pipeline challenges do not affect just the ILI tools – planning and managing the overall inspection project, and the complex variables involved, are critically important in delivering expectations in these challenging environments.

Rosen Group Celebrates Thirtieth Anniversary

October 2011, Vol. 238 No. 10

In September 2011, Rosen celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. Today it stands as a leading privately owned company serving the oil and gas industry with inspection, integrity, and rehabilitation products and services. For 30 years, the company has worked to provide the industry with advanced inspection and integrity solutions to ensure safe and economical operation of a wide range of assets and facilities.