Product Category: Coating consulting/inspection

Economic Outlook Brightens For Pipeline Coating Developments

June 2010 Vol. 237 No. 6

The economic crisis has affected pipeline construction as with many other industries, because of the lack of availability of finance for new projects, and because of the drop in oil and gas prices. However, oil prices are starting to rise again in 2010 and the outlook for pipe coating is very encouraging, according to Noru Tsalic, Consultant at Applied Market Information.

What’s Weighing Down Your Pipeline Integrity Program?

April 2010 Vol. 237 No. 4

So I’m sitting at my desk, trying to figure out how to make Excel do what I want it to, but all I am getting is “#VALUE!.” What does that even mean? Then my phone rings.
The call is from our construction supervisor, who is overseeing the repair digs on a recently completed 200-mile coating survey on a buried pipeline. He asks, can our survey method identify anomalies under concrete coating or swamp weights?