Pipeline Integrity: Reduce Costs for Testing and Failure and Meet DOT Requirements

This webcast will feature Battelle’s new pipeline integrity software, PipeAssessPI™.  PipeAssessPI Axial Crack Assessment is an innovative software application that uses physics-based and empirically derived modeling to estimate remaining pipeline life and predict axial crack growth under various operating scenarios.

PipeAssess PI can be used for all standard oil and gas transmission and distribution line-pipe sizes and grades. With PipeAssess PI, you can:

  • Evaluate remaining life of pipelines with preexisting axial crack-like flaws
  • Predict the growth of axial cracks and model fracture risk under various operating conditions
  • Make informed, evidence-based decisions for repair, replacement and maintenance of aging infrastructure
  • Optimize the appropriate re-inspection or hydrostatic test intervals
  • Reduce the frequency of hydrostatic testing while addressing current Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for assessment of liquid and gas pipelines
  • Prepare to meet future regulations for pipeline integrity management

Battelle’s pipeline integrity engineers will provide and introduction to the software, demonstration, discuss features and benefits, and answer questions on how to apply the tool.

Featured Speakers

Bruce Young
Senior Research Scientist at Battelle

Young has over 20 years of experience leading or working on a broad range of projects. He is currently serving as the Project Manager for the Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Material Administration’s Long Seam Electric Resistance Welded pipe project. In this role, Young oversaw development of contract-wide status progress reports for the client and reviewed cost reports. He has also served as the technical advisor for the fracture mechanics portion of the project. Also in support of the project, Young has led cross-task coordination efforts across two phases and more than 10 major tasks. Young has also provided the annual project review to PHMSA and has consistently received the highest level of review. In addition, within the last two years, Young has been the program manager for other government and commercial clients for Battelle, including projects for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and an international consortium of Nuclear Piping clients. In his role with other clients, Young has served as both the project manager and technical lead for various tasks within the projects, providing project management and budgetary oversight, coordinating the activities of the Battelle team, and managing the measure-development related activities performed by Battelle’s subcontractor.

Jennifer O’Brian
Research Engineer at Battelle

O’Brian is the manager of Battelle’s Pipeline Simulation Facility in west Jefferson, Ohio, where she focuses on executing and managing pipeline integrity studies. Her primary site work involves executing pull tests of inline inspection tools (ILI) through a simulated pipeline, hydrotesting short pipe segments, assessing numerous nondestructive test (NDT) methods, and managing a pipeline inventory spanning over 3,500 total feet. While managing a small team of technicians and supporting engineers, she prepares, executes, and closes out the required test per client specification, at ISO 9001 quality, and most importantly, safely. She has also been involved in investigating the experimental and theoretical strength of parent material, welds, and surface anomalies.

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