Online Advertising at Pipeline & Gas Journal


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Pipeline & Gas Journal offers

  • online display advertising,
  • advertising in our monthly email newsletter,
  • custom e-blasts,
  • promotional positioning in our online buyer’s guide,
  • webinars,
  • digital product demonstrations
  • and hosted white papers.

Examples are available below. Please contact your local local representative for details or email Digital Ad Manager, Kate Permenter at

Online Display Advertising Rates
728×90 Leaderboard Banner: $2,500/month, $13,200/6 months, $22,000/year or $45 CPM
300×250 Medium Rectangle: $3,050/month, $16,500/6 months, $27,000/year or $65 CPM
125×125 Button: $1,300/month, $6,500/6 months, $11,000/year or $20 CPM
Peel down: $2,000/month, $11,000/6 months, $20,000/year
468×60 Front Page Banner: $700/month, $3,500/6 months, $6,000/year

Acceptable files include .gif, .jpg, .png, .swf (Flash, must use clickTAG protocol for tracking), text, third-party tags and HTML. If you have a question about a particular format, please contact Kate Permenter at

Email Newsletter Advertising

300×120 logo-opposite ad: $4,400 one-time, $4,050 each for six months, $3,500 each for 12 months
550×70 banner: $4,400 one-time, $4,050 each for six months, $3,500 each for 12 months
50-word promotional message: $3,850 one-time, $2,750 each for six months, $2,150 each for 12 months. Includes 125×125 .jpg, .png or .gif logo.
125×125 button: $2,850 one-time, $2,100 each for six months, $1,650 each for 12 months.

Acceptable files include .jpg, .png., still .gif, text.

Custom E-Blasts
Available to known clients only. Message approval required. Please contact your local representative.

Online Buyer’s Guide

Pipeline & Gas Journal‘s buyer’s guide is the authoritative resource for the pipeline industry’s commercial expertise. The guide is published in the print version of the magazine once a year in May. List your company in the guide for free, or promote it:
Premium listing: $7,500/year
Materials: 320×240 FLV video or .jpg, .gif, .png image and 600 words of text on your company
Enhanced listing: $2,500/year
Materials: 468×60 .jpg, .gif, .png image
If you have difficulties with the buyer’s guide, please contact the online editor.

For webinars, digital product demonstrations or hosted white papers, please contact your local representative.