Canadian Overseas Begins Construction to Upgrade Gas Gathering System in Wyoming

(P&GJ) — Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd. (COPL) and its affiliates have announced a project construction update for the gas gathering system (GGS) at its Barron Flats Shannon (Miscible) oil production Unit (BFSU) in Converse and Natrona counties, Wyoming.

(Source: Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd.)

COPL said that the installation of the GGS has made significant progress since late April. The right-of-way access for the installation was cleared, and crews were mobilized to the site. All 8-inch pipes required for the project have been delivered and laid alongside the right of way. Welding of the pipes began last month and is ongoing, with a total of 2,352 feet of 8-inch pipe already laid and welded.

The construction of the GGS is expected to take two to three months. Phase 1a of the project, which is budgeted at up to $4.5 million, will be funded by the proceeds from COPL's recent convertible bond financing. As part of the scope of work, wellsite facility upgrades will be implemented, including the installation of high-pressure separators and high-pressure fire tubes for each separator.

The GGS project involves the installation of a five-mile high-pressure steel pipe that will pass through the core area of the field. In Phase 1a, the GGS will connect seven batteries and service nine wells out of the 34 producing wells. The remaining BFSU wells will continue to be served by the existing low-pressure gas gathering system. The design of the GGS allows for the optimal capture of additional wells with increased pressures as the field miscible flood matures.

In addition to the GGS installation, COPL has initiated well conversion programs at BFSU. These programs aim to convert specific high-productivity oil-producing wells to flowing-pumping configurations. The well conversion programs will be carried out in conjunction with the GGS installation.

The progress made in the construction of the gas gathering system at Barron Flats Shannon oil production Unit marks a significant milestone for Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited. The implementation of the GGS will enhance the company's production and development operations, facilitating the efficient extraction of oil and gas resources in Wyoming.

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