Onboard Dynamics Competing for P&GJ Award for Maintenance Technology

Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards judges recently narrowed down a significant number of nominations and announced finalists for its upcoming event Nov. 17.

The program honors the midstream’s leading innovations and outstanding personal contributions to the pipeline industry.

Among the finalists in the Best Advance in Maintenance Technology is Onboard Dynamics’ GoVAC FLEX solution, an innovative, self-contained pipeline evacuation system that enables natural gas pipeline crews to prevent close to 100% of methane emissions from occurring during pipeline evacuations.

With the GoVAC FLEX, operators can draw down a pipeline to near 0 PSIG. The recovered natural gas can then be transferred either into an adjoining pipeline or compressed up to 3600 PSIG and put into a tube trailer for transport and reinjection elsewhere or put into a storage tank to be used as CNG fuel for vehicles. 

The patented, integrated combustion-compression system is powered by a small portion of the natural gas in the pipeline. Without the need for external power sources, such as diesel-powered air compressors, this design results in the lowest possible carbon and emissions footprint during pipeline evacuations.

This self-contained system is small enough to be towed by a ½ ton pickup, which makes it easy to maneuver around job sites and be quickly deployed in field operations.  State-of-the-art telemetry and controls including temperature and pressure sensors, electronic valves, and flow meters are installed throughout the system to enable ease of operation, to facilitate remote monitoring capabilities and to provide data collection for reporting purposes.

Lastly, the system is designed with attention to low noise for use in neighborhoods or high-density spaces.

Tables are available, visit www.PGJ-Awards.com

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